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Monday, May 24, 2021

Start the Count: The Manglerized Edition


[As promised, here is the Manglerized version of this story.  I have made some additions and edits to the original story, which can be read here (  ).  One of the changes I made were to the character names.  This was NOT an attempt to try and pass the story off as one of mine, but was done as the original names conflicted with characters in my other stories, and I did not want to confuse anyone.]

Start the Count



(with additions by the Mangler)

It was an unusual contest to say the least. The venue was packed with an audience that was mystified by the fact that the entrance the wrestlers would take into the arena was protected by a fully enclosed cage.  Along the length of this enclosed cage were six individual cages with doors that opened into a central aisle.  The cages were spaced enough about 4 feet apart, 3 on each side.  The audience would be watching the match from behind a floor to ceiling glass screen. The reasons why would become apparent.

Ahead of the contest, two wrestlers who had been feuding for months had to bring together a team of five wrestlers.  The combined total weight of each team had to be the same within a five pounds.  

The audience was informed that there were going to be three matches tonight occurring between the Persuaders and the Mavericks.  At the end of the night, the leader of whichever team had lost would have to leave the league for at least one year, unless the leader of the winning team gave special permission for the loser to return.  There were to be only three bouts this particular evening, two singles matches and then a three-on-three contest with a difference. The single matches would occur first. 

Before the meet, both teams, without knowledge of the other, would choose who would take part in each match. The single matches would be regular bouts with normal pro wrestling moves, which would be strictly applied by the referee, with a pin or a submission to win the contest.

The single matches passed fairly uneventfully and were simple uncomplicated professional bouts. Each team won one bout so as the teams went into the final threesome match the score was tied at one bout each.

“And now ladies and gentlemen, the rules for our next match.  The match will be a three-on-three bout with a twist.  The combined weight for each team must be the same within 5 pounds.  Each of the six wrestlers will be locked in one of the cages you see in the entrance.  In a random fashion, the wrestlers will be released to join the action.  The first two wrestlers will be released within seconds of each other, and then every ten minutes another wrestler will be released, also in a random fashion, until all six combatants were involved in the fray. The match is a no holds barred contest.  Whenever a wrestler is eliminated, he must immediately exit the area.  Elimination can only occur by a count out or by being rendered unconscious. The referee’s only job will be to count the pins or determine if a wrestler is unconscious.  The referee will do this from the ringside and will not be in the ring.   Submissions do not count, UNLESS the dominant wrestler chooses to accept the submission. “

The fans were a little unsure about this match as they had never seen anything like it before.

“And now our referee for tonight’s match is …..Charlie boy.”  The fans laughed and sneered.  Charlie entered the cage. He was about 5’7” pounds and weighed about 250 pounds, most of it fat.  He was not in shape.  He was also decidedly not attractive at all – okay he was ugly.  He usually only reffed junior matches.  He was still employed because when the present league took over an older federation, one of the stipulations was that Charlie had to be retained as a ref.   He waddled down to the ringside and took up his position on one side.   He ignored the crowd.

“And entering the ringside now is our first team ----The Mavericks.”  As this name had not been used before, the crowd wasn’t sure who or what to expect.

The door to the cage opened and in walked three muscular dudes wearing skin tight white trunks.  Their cocks and balls were clearly outlined for all to see. The Mavericks had chosen three guys of equal weight each at about 210 pounds and about 6 feet tall.   The crowd erupted with a mixture of cheers and boos.  The three wrestlers were well known in the league and were definitely considered heels.  They would use almost any tactic to win.  Most of the cheers from the crowd came from the female fans who appreciated the tight trunks on the muscular bodies.

The Mavericks stood there in all of their 26-year-old muscular glory.  Each had short cropped hair, shaved down muscular bodies and skin tight white trunks that showed off their cocks and balls in all their grandeur. For the event, they had each tattooed the team’s name on their chest – just above the right nipple.  The reason for the tight gear was quite simple: the ladies in the crowd got turned on by the action, as did some of the men, and after each event there would be a queue of dripping women panting for a closer look. The Mavericks usually obliged, but liked to treat the women as they treated their opponents, selfishly, mean, nasty and with disdain. They always ended the evening satisfied, but the ladies always ended the night humiliated and ashamed.  No of the ladies ever mentioned what happened.

After posing and showing off for the ladies, each of the Mavericks chose an individual cage and entered.  The doors were closed and locked. 

“And now for their opponents, we have …..The Persuaders.”

As the second team of wrestlers entered the arena, to mostly cheers, it was obvious to the crowd that the teams had chosen different tactics. The Persuaders were a crew to be reckoned with and not to be taken lightly either.  The Persuaders had chosen two bigger guys, weighing in at 225 pounds each and standing over 6 feet 2 inches. The bigger guys, Tom and Hank wore standard wrestler trunks that were appropriately sized.  They slightly hairy barrel like chests, big muscular arms and legs to match. Both wore blue trunks.  The crowd was familiar with both wrestlers.  Once the crowd knew who the second team was, they also knew that they were in for a real fight tonight.  Tom and Bret had been feuding for months now and had finally decided on a way to settle the bet -banishment from the league. 

The third guy was unknown to the crowd. He weighed in at 175 pounds and stood just over 5 feet 8 inches tall. The persuaders had talked long and hard about tactics. They knew the Mavericks were good wrestlers who had little regards for the rules and liked to hurt their opponents. They had gambled on the fact that by picking two bigger guys they would be able to subdue the Mavericks and considered the risk of the smaller guy being first out of the cage as a reasonable one to take.

The smaller guy was a real rookie and was starting to wonder what his older brother, Tom, had got him into. Tom had argued that even though he was only eighteen and still had some growing to do, he was agile and was great on the school wrestling team and had nothing to worry about. He had the build of a swimmer, but his body was not yet fully developed.  He was a good-looking kid, smooth features, almost girlish and long blonde hair that hung loose around his shoulders. Sure, the muscles in his arms were there to be seen and he had the starting of a six pack in his flat belly with the little blonde treasure trail, but he just seemed kind of insubstantial as he stood in his tracksuit trousers amongst his better built, more solid team mates and opponents.

The Persuaders turned and entered their individual cages.  Tom had given his kid brother an encouraging lecture before they entered the cages.  The Mavericks were laughing.  When the Persuaders had first entered the area, they had started plotting and planning among themselves.  After the last wrestler was locked in, the announcement was made to the crowd that the first combatant was to be released.

An expectant hush descended and with a gentle hiss the electronic cage door of the kid swung open.

The kid looked terrified, Tom and Hank had said that this wouldn’t happen. As he climbed in to the ring and moved to his corner, he was praying that the next cage door to open would be one of his teammates.   Then he saw the cage door of Bret, the first of the Mavericks, swing open. His prayers had not been answered. Bret turned to his compatriots and gave the thumbs up - they had the first advantage.

Bret walked nonchalantly to the ring, climbed in, walked to the corner, and turned to face the kid for the first time. He had the 4-inch height advantage, but the thirty-pound weight advantage should be the deciding factor. Hell, he was a hard bodied experienced brawler up against an undeveloped, inexperienced teenager. This was going to be fun, at least for him.

The tactics for each wrestler were obvious and simple: the kid had to avoid trouble and hope that he’d be rescued, and the Maverick had to bust the kid as there could be a bigger opponent coming at him in ten minutes. He wasn’t scared of tackling the bigger guy, but knew that if he couldn’t damage the kid, the two on one he would find himself in might not be all that pleasant.

The crowd was waiting anxiously to see how this would work out.  Many in the crowd were protesting about how unfair this was.

The bout itself started disappointingly; the harder the Maverick tried to get close and use his high impact moves, the more the kid ducked, spun and rolled out of trouble. The kid even got one or two kicks to Bret’s knee, which slowed him down and made him very angry.

The crowd was getting restless and bored. Although they understood the kid’s tactics, they paid to see wrestling, not some kid run around the ring.  As the announcer informed the crowd that the third wrestler was about to be released, the kid was probably ahead on points.  But in pro wrestling, and especially this match, points didn’t amount to a hill of beans. The kid again prayed that Tom or Hank would be joining him.

As the crowd looked to the cages and the wrestlers in the ring looked up at the hiss of the cage door, the kid’s prayer again went unanswered as the second Maverick, Brad, stepped out, struck the body builders pose and strutted into the ring – his huge bulge leading the way! The advantage had certainly swung in their favor.

Everyone knew the kid was in serious trouble, especially the kid. His only hope was to dodge his two opponents, but how long could he do that for? His energy levels were already low after the first ten minutes, and he knew he didn’t have the strength or stamina to hold out for long.

He wasn’t wrong. With one dude approaching from the front and one from the rear it was inevitable he would get caught. Within seconds he felt Brad’s muscular arm around his chest from behind and he was trapped. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next. His attacker at the rear put his hand down inside the back of his tracksuit reached between his legs and cupped his eighteen-year-old balls - at first fondling and weighing them and then squeezing them – hard! The kid squealed in pain and, after Brad removed his arm from around the chest, doubled forward at ninety degrees; a big mistake really. Bret ran across the ring, rebounded off the ropes at speed and landed his knee under the chin of the kid, sending him spinning through the air.

As he lay motionless on the canvas, Bret spat at him “That’s for kicking my knee you little bastard” and then gave him a kick in the ribs for good measure.

That few seconds’ action had certainly slowed the kid down and the Mavericks looked forward to winning the contest with ease.

What followed was frightening, the two Mavericks in total silence took the kid apart.  Without saying a word, Brad grabbed the kid by the hair and stood him up.  He was a little wobbly.  Brad released him, took hold of his shoulders and turned him 180 degrees around.  As soon as the kid finished turning, he was hit in the upper chest with a pair of boots as Bret delivered a standing dropkick. The blow forced the kid backwards where he bounced off the ropes, only to be met with a knee across his stomach which flipped him over and to the mat.

As soon as he hit the mat, he felt a sharp pain explode in his belly button as Bret came down with a knee drop into the abs.  The air was expelled from his lungs. A second pain occurred, as Brad followed up with another knee drop into the abs as soon as Bret had moved out of the way.  The kid looked like a fish out of water as he tried to suck in some air.

Bret pulled the unresisting kid to his feet, slid his arm between his legs and lifted him in preparation for a body slam.  Instead of the mat, however, the kids back impacted the two knees of his opponents from a back breaker.  Brad put his hand on the chin and pushed down, while Bret put his hand on the thigh and pushed down.  The kid was curved in a semicircle with most of the pain in his lower back.

The Mavericks began alternating full fisted punches into the abs in an alternating and rapid-fire fashion. They were intending to inflict pain and keep the kid breathless.  The kid was then allowed to fall to the mat where his hands went to his abs and he curled up in a fetal position.

The Mavericks stood, flexed for the crowd and then began stomping down on the kid.  He was knocked all over the mat.  Brad then pulled the kid to his feet and lifted him as in preparation for body slam. Instead, he was dropped abs first across Bret’s knee.  He was lifted up and had the move repeated twice more before being allowed to drop to the mat.  The kid felt like he had to vomit and could barely move. 

The kid was then pulled up and placed into a full nelson.   Brad pushed down as hard as he could with his arms.  Brett began using the abs and his own personal punching bag.  The final punch was to the balls.  The two Mavericks then changed places and Brad got his turn at the punching bag and also delivered a final blow to the balls.  The kid was dropped to the mat.  He was hurting and trying to suck in breath as much as possible.  The Maverick’s kicked him to the side of the ring. They then exited the ring and looked at the individual cages.

The announcer informed the crowd that the fourth wrestler was about to enter the contest. The Mavericks outside the ring prepared themselves for some real resistance at last, while the kid just prayed for some help. The cage door hissed and the kid’s prayer was not answered as Maverick number three, Billy, exited the cage. All three mavericks laughed and did biceps poses before they entered the ring. The looks on their faces were pure malevolence.

The crowd began to boo loudly.  Once again, they had come to see wrestling, not what they felt was about to occur.

In his cage, Tom was screaming about how unfair it was and pounding the cage.  He then began to the Mavericks to take it easy on his kid brother.  His pleas were to go unheeded.

The Mavericks gathered in the middle of the ring and began discussing what they wanted to do next.  Billy, who was anxious to get into the action, suggested that they hold off any strenuous activity until one of the big guys was released.  Brett and Brad argued against that as they were looking forward to beating on someone, until Billy reminded them it would be three against one, with the kid taken out of the action, and after they subdued the next guy then they could return.  They agreed to “take it easy”.

Brad went over to the kid, pulled him up and then locked on an abdominal stretch.  What followed wasn’t wrestling, but really showboating and grandstanding stuff mostly. The Mavericks posed, strutted and goaded their caged opponents, especially the kid’s brother Tom who was becoming more outraged by the moment.  They found time to slam fists into the abs as they posed. Occasionally one would lock on an abdominal claw but mostly they just made sure that Tom could see what was happening, but their tactics were mainly to conserve energy because the big guys were coming.

The kid was begging to submit.  “We are not accepting cupcake,” was all Brett said.

As the ten-minute mark approached, they each punched the kid in the gut while he was being held in a full nelson, and then took him over to the ropes, where his arms were trapped between the second and third ropes so that he was sitting on the ring floor, and trapped like a fly in a spider’s web. In this position, he would not be able to cause as much movement in the ropes and would therefore be unlikely to escape. After securing him, each Maverick delivered a sharp kick into the abs.  They planned to beat him later and the kid moaned softly because he knew it.

The Mavericks then left the ring and approached the area of the cages.  Billy walked beyond the cages and then turned toward the ring, while Brett and Brad stayed on the other side.  Tom and Hank were in cages that were opposite each other with the aisle between.  The cage door opened and the kid’s brother, Tom, ran out of the cage at full speed. Anger drove him and he turned toward Brad with his fists raised as he was going to kill those guys who had abused his little brother. However, blind rage was blind stupidity and as he threw the first fist at Bret, Billy’s foot went between his legs to kick into the balls, with his special steel toed boots, stopping the attack in its tracks.  As Tom grabbed at his nuts and bent over, Brad locked his head under his right arm and then dropped back into a DDT on the hard arena floor.  

Hank was screaming encouragement from his cage and threatening mayhem when he got into the action.  The Mavericks knew they wanted to end this quickly as Tom was a bigger opponent and they couldn’t risk him getting at them. Three on one was in their favor but he might get lucky.

Tom lay face down with both hands clutching his balls.  He was very out of it from the DDT.  Bret reached  down and manhandled Tom until he was toting him cross body.  He charged toward the ring and ran Tom back first into the ring post.  He stepped back and did it again before rolling Tom under the bottom rope and into the ring.  As they entered the ring, Bret was the first to attack applying a strangle hold, while Brad began to drop elbows to Tom’s exposed back while Billy began unlacing Tom’s boots.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Bret asked.

“You’ll see,” was the reply.  All the while Brad had continued his back attack.

Once Billy had the laces free, he slipped under the bottom rope.  In the meantime, the strangle hold was still being applied as Brad moved to the turnbuckle and removed the protective padding, leaving the metal post exposed.

Tom was dragged to his feet by Bret and Brad, grabbed by the arm by the leader and swung across the ring with tremendous force into the corner. People said afterwards that the force was such that the whole ring moved three inches. Tom bounced off the corner post, dropped to the mat and writhed around the ring in agony.

While Tom’s back was being worked over in the ring, Billy approached the cage that Hank was in.

“Man, we can’t wait for you to get into the ring.  Gonna make what’s happened so far seem like kindergarten.  Seems you pissed some people off and they have paid us to make sure that you pay and pay big time,” Billy taunted.

“Fuck you,” was the only reply but Hank had pissed some people off recently.

Billy dropped to his knees and quickly inserted one end of one of the laces between the door and the cage.  He began to knot it before Hank realized what he was doing.  Hank dropped down and tried to yank the lace free, but Billy had managed to start knotting it and so there wasn’t much give.  Billy applied knots in the laces until he ran out of laces.

The ref had ambled over and was screaming, “What the hell?  You can’t do that.”

“Sure, I can,” Billy replied.  “It’s actually quite easy and there are no rules, so go fuck yourself.”

As he said this, he finished tying the multiple knots.  He then thrust one finger between the open area in the fence and directly into Hank’s eye, causing him to scream and fall backward onto his ass.

Billy, seizing his moment, quickly stood, passed the other lace higher up between the door and the cage.  Once again, he had a couple of knots in place before Hank could recover.  He continued to knot until he was out of lace.

Billy laughed as he stood.  He noticed the ref trying to unknot the bottom lace.

“Have fun Charlie boy.” It would take him quite a bit of time to unlace all the knots.  He blew a kiss at Hank and then ran back to the ring.  Hank was screaming obscenities, banging on the cage and yelling at the ref to do something.

Billy returned to the ring where Tom was lying face down.  Brad had grabbed Tom’s wrists, placed his own feet on the shoulders and was pulling upward stretching the arms but more importantly keeping Tom Face down.  Billy and Bret began to work on the lower back by dropping knees, fists and headbutts into the lower back as well as some stomps.   Tom was starting to scream in pain. 

The kid just looked on helplessly from the ropes. He was still trying to free himself.  When Billy noted him getting more animated, he went over and delivered a couple of steel toed kicks into the abs, subduing the kid. 

Brad released the wrists and stood up.  Billy showed the other two what he had done at the last cage and they all hive fived each other.  The three men then forced Tom to his feet where he was then lifted and dropped in a series of backbreakers across one or two knees in a single or double backbreaker.   While he was over the knee, multiple punches would be delivered to the abdomen and to the balls.  The Maverick’s took turns performing the hold.   After the last backbreaker, Tom was laying on the mat moaning as his back and balls were on fire.

The announcer stated that the next wrestler was going to enter the match and hissing of the door could be heard.  However, the ref was still trying to unknot the laces, so the door didn’t open.  The fans began to boo even louder.

The Maverick’s looked over to make sure that the door wasn’t open before a series of leg drops were performed across the lower back.  As soon as one Maverick rolled away, the next leg came down so that to Tom it felt like a continuous attack.  Finally, Brett sat across Tom’s upper back, locked Tom’s arms under his armpits, grabbed the chin and pulled placing Tom in the perfect Camel clutch.  Tom’s moans and whimpers increased as his back was on fire.

Not satisfied, Brad locked the ankles under his armpits, sat back-to-back with Brett and pulled applying a Boston crab.  Tom was now stretched from both ends.  Billy stood between the legs and started using Tom’s crotch as a speed bag. 

Tom was screaming his submission, but that wasn’t in the rules and the Mavericks were not about to give up.  The crowd was booing and screaming and encouraging the Mavericks to accept the submission.  They ignored the crowd and continued until tiring of the hold and releasing it.  Tom fell to the mat, but from his twitching and lack of moaning showed he was unconscious or nearly so.   But the ref wasn’t around to declare it, so Billy simply slapped and shook Tom until he was back awake.

Brad and the others then lifted Tom up and maneuvered him until he was laying back first across Brad’s right shoulder.  Billy grabbed Tom’s chin, dropped to his knees and pulled downward, while Brett did the same thing using the ankles.  Tom was screaming at the top of his lungs as he was being bent in two.

Looking over and seeing that the ref was almost done with the knots, Brad dropped Tom to the mat and the three Mavericks rolled out of the ring and approached the last individual cage.  When the ref undid the last knot, he was able to pull the door open and Hank exited.  He immediately saw the three Mavericks standing in a semi-circle waiting for him. 

Bret said “We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.”

Hank glanced into the ring where the kid was tied to the ropes and Tom was laying on the mat groaning.  Running through the options in his mind, he rationalized that the kid wasn’t his brother and Tom was related either.  Tom was a friend, but evidently that close of a friend.

“Easy way, “ Hank said.

Bret then stepped forward, slammed a forearm across Hank’s chest.  As he stepped backward, Billy tripped him and he landed and slammed his head onto the hard floor.  Bret dropped down onto the chest and begin driving fists into the head.

Brad kneeled next to Hank and quickly removed his wrestling trunks and his jock strap leaving him naked.  Hank looked up dazed, when he saw the ref dropping to his knees to check on him.

Bret said “Remember make it easy or else.”

He then rolled off the side and stood.  Each of the Maverick’s placed a foot on Hanks’s chest and Hank relaxed back on the floor.  The ref counted to three and declared Hank out of the action.  He ordered Hank out of the area.

As Hank stood, he finally realized that he was naked.  He looked around but didn’t see his trunks.  He decided to just get out of there.  He had to walk through the three Mavericks to get out of the area.

As he walked by them, Bret called out “Yeah, run away you fucking coward.”  All three of the Maverick’s reached out and stroked and prodded his body, handling his ass, tits and cock and balls.  He turned red as he finally got free, or so he thought.  Brad grabbed him in a full nelson, while Brett manipulated his cock.  In a minute he was rock hard.  Brad then slowly turned around so that the entire audience could get a look.  The shock was evident on everyone’s face.  When Brad released the nelson, Hank dropped his hands over his crotch and ran to the exit as the crowd booed and hurled insults at him.  While he didn’t have any dignity left, at least he wasn’t going to get the shit beat out of him.

The Mavericks then returned to the ring where they noted that Tom was slowly trying to regain his feet.  Billy reached under the ropes, grabbed Tom by the ankles and pulled, dropping Tom back down onto his face.  Brad had climbed to the top rope and leaped off, driving his knee into Tom’s back.  A very loud scream could be heard followed by “no more, no more, I give.”

“Sorry but not in the cards.”

Brad then applied a Boston crab as Tom continued to beg. 

“Looks like you are going to be leaving the league, asshole.”

“Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you,” Brett sneered in his most evil voice as he approached the kid in the ropes.  The butterflies in the kids stomach intensified.  Brett and Billy released him from the ropes and pulled him to his feet.  The kid begged for them to accept their submissions as did the ref.  The mavericks just ignored him.  He attempts to free himself were futile.

They then re-trapped the kid’s arms between the first and second rope so that he was standing.  They then pulled his feet behind the bottom rope causing his body to bow and his abs to stick out.

Bret then walked back over to Brad who released Tom to drop back to the mat.  Brad stood on one side, Brett on the other and then lifted Tom up keeping him horizontal.  They then charged with him across the ring and drove him headfirst into his brother’s abs like a battering ram.  The kid screamed. As they retreated to the middle of the ring, Billy delivered a full force fist to the abs.

They returned to the middle of the ring and repeated the move twice more.  Before they did it for the fourth time, Billy whispered to them and they just laughed and nodded.   This time they made sure that Tom’s head impacted the cock and balls.  The kid screamed and then sagged into the ropes.  As the ref came over to see if the kid was unconscious, Billy reached down, grabbed the balls and squeezed until the kid was brought back awake and began to scream.  He released the hold as the ref arrived who had to declare that the kid was still awake.

At last, the Mavericks decided to finish Tom off.  Brad climbed up onto the top ropes in the corner, Billy and Bret lifted Tom up feet first and passed him up to Brad who performed a pile driver slamming his head to the canvas from the top rope.  He went completely limp.

The ref declared him unconscious and the Mavericks rolled him out of the ring to the arena floor.  He wasn’t going to wake up from that one anytime soon and as the medics carted him out of the ring the crowd fell silent. 

Brad taunted and unconscious Tom, “Looks like I won that feud dickhead.  See you in a year if you have the guts to come back.”  The Maverick’s then looked over at the kid whose eyes were opened as wide as possible and fear covered his face.

The three Mavericks turned to the kid who had watched the whole proceedings from his position tangled in the ropes. He started to struggle violently and screamed, “NO, NO I give, I submit.”  But he was firmly stuck in the ropes.

“Hey, slow down punk” said one of the Maverick heels as he delivered a couple of hard slaps to the jobber’s face.

“We hear you’re a decent fighter and we’re going to give you a chance – we’ll wrestle you one on one. Its good practice for us, eh boys?  And forget about submitting. We ain’t going to accept it.”

The kid didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter as two of the Mavericks stepped out of the ring behind him to release him to his fate.

Brad stood directly ahead of him, hands on hips with his muscular body gleaming with sweat. The kid stood there like a startled rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.  He was so scared and hyped on adrenaline, that he completely ignored the pain in his abs and balls.

He had to evade his captors, but as he started to run from his position on the ropes, two pairs of hands from outside the ring grabbed his ankles and pulled.  He went down face first. As he crashed to the ring mat, he felt the agony of the first elbow across the back of his neck and he just knew things weren’t looking good.

“OK kid, the back work on your brother shows me I need to work on perfecting my back work,” grinned Brad.

The long blond hair was used to drag the kid off the floor, hand on the crotch used to lift him up, and a powerful body slam that shook the ring followed, with the move immediately repeated.

Bret and Billy entered the ring and it was high fives all round as they stood laughing over their weakened opponent.

The next move wasn’t long in coming. The kid was on his back, Brad stood facing him.  Brad reached down and grabbed both ankles.  After lifting the feet in his hands, he locked them under his pits.  He then fell backwards, levering the kid up and into the ropes chest first where two strong hands pushed him back downward with the small of his back crashing into the raised knees of Brad.  The kid screamed again.

Brett laughed and said, “That’s why they call him the ‘Back Master’.”

As that had gone so well, the kid was pulled up with the hair, and another body slam was executed on the hapless victim. The long blond hair was used again to pull the kid to his feet, an arm was placed between his legs, another arm around his shoulders, a lift into the air and the snap of his back as he dropped across the knee of the far stronger wrestler. He rolled around the canvas clutching his back in agony.  The previous back workover had already weakened him. 

“How do you like that boy? I think that we need to practice our other holds right now”

The hold he had in mind was his favourite as it caused a lot of pain for not a lot of effort. The kid was on his back, with Brad at his feet.  The Kid tried to brace for another journey to the ropes and back, but not so this time. The heavier, taller, more muscular stud had no difficulty turning his eighteen-year-old, lighter, smaller and weakened opponent into the perfect Boston crab.

As the Kid was almost snapped in half, he tried to take the weight onto to his arms and push against the pressure being applied by his opponent sitting on his back and pulling on his legs, but the other two Mavericks kicked his arms away every time he got into position and saw to it that he would fail.

He screamed in agony for a submission, but of course that wasn’t in the rules unless the Maverick’s accepted it, and they wouldn’t.  All he could do was beg for mercy from his captors. Brad only laughed as he released one leg to change the hold to a single crab and used his free hand to reach between the kid’s legs and squeeze his balls.

The Back Master had to take care that the Kid didn’t pass out as then the contest (and the fun) would be over. He needed a rest anyway, so he broke the hold to allow one of his mates to take over.

Billy had a bit of a thing about the joints. He liked nothing more than applying pressure that could permanently damage an opponent. Since the Kid was already on the mat and by this stage lying quite still softly moaning to himself, some simple stomping on knees and elbows was a reasonable start to make on the damage process. He was then dragged over to the edge of the ring, his right leg draped over the bottom rope, and the Mavericks each took it in turns to drop onto to the exposed knee.

This move was quickly followed by a series of wrist locks, arm locks, leg locks and ankle locks all held for an unreasonable amount of time and all applied hard, then released, then immediately applied hard again. The Kid screamed and screamed at the intensity of this prolonged torture, but he couldn’t escape.

The final hold in this stage of the punishment? The trusted figure four leg lock applied from a standing position as Billy’s team mates took turns to drop elbows into the kids’ ribs.

“My turn now” shouted Bret and the kid was released.

The other two hoisted the kid to a standing position, Bret approached from the rear; put his arms round his neck. His biceps bunched as he applied tremendous pressure. Being shorter and lighter the kid was lifted off his feet and his arms and legs flailed uselessly as he tried to break out of the full nelson. 

As the kids’ body started to relax, he was unceremoniously dropped in a heap to the canvas, where he was shortly joined by his tormentor, who wrapped his powerful legs round his midriff and squeezed. The kid tried to scream, but couldn’t as all the air had been taken out of him. When he was on the verge of passing out the hold was released and once more the three Mavericks stood over the hapless victim.

The crowd was yelling and screaming and getting very boisterous.  The Maverick’s just shot them all a double finger followed by a double bicep pose.  

Bret was not yet satisfied and a front head scissors was the next move to be executed. The handsome boy’s head was crushed between the thighs of the muscular stud, with his face pressed against the white trunk encased crotch stopping him from breathing. A crotch that was showing disturbing signs of life, with the penis stiffening against the pressure of the contact.

Bored with the one on one, the Mavericks decided to get some real action going.  The kid felt as if real action had always been ongoing.

Up to this point, the crowd had been shouting and screaming their disgust at the treatment that had been dished out, but as the three wrestlers circled their prone opponent, they grew quiet.

First, they pulled the kid to a standing position and Billy applied a full nelson, lifting the kid off his feet.  Bret took the kids nipples, one in each hand and pinched them hard. Once again, the screaming only bought about more laughter from his opponents and the nipple pincher released them and stepped away leaving the kid still caught in a full nelson.  Brad slipped his arms around the kid’s midriff and applied a bear hug. The kid could do nothing in response, his smooth upper body against the smooth upper body of the bigger man, chest to chest, nipple to nipple, unable to use his arms, unable to take the weight and pressure off by using his legs, he was slowly having the life crushed from him.

Again, the Mavericks didn’t want this to end, so they released the hold and stepped back to let the kid drop to the mat to try and recover enough for the next punishment, which wasn’t long in coming.

Pulled to his feet by his hair, his head was placed between his Brad’s legs, his arms pulled upward and positioned for a double armed suplex and then pain exploded as the full force of a punch from the side caught him in the stomach followed by agony as a forearm drove between his legs connecting with his balls and then finally flying through the air as the suplex was delivered. He landed hard on his back that had already taken so much pain.

This is not what the audience had come for, but the Mavericks were enjoying themselves more than they thought was possible. It now became obvious why the glass screen had been erected; the rioting crowd would have loved to save that young kid, but were unable to do so. The noise was deafening as the three heels once again, like vultures circled their prey.

Wrestling moves were now forgotten and causing pain was the intention. The kid was helpless and couldn’t protect himself against the onslaught. With the kid flat on his back on the canvas, Billy sitting with one foot planted on each of the kid’s shoulders, stretching both the poor boy’s arms above his head. Brad lay at the boys’ feet spreading his legs agonizingly wide and Bret staring down at the totally exposed torso, stomach and crotch of the now defenseless kid.

Bret slowly positioned himself kneeling across the boy’s chest facing his feet. A quick pull and twist of both nipples and then in to a double handed claw hold on the kids’ flat stomach which left the boy writhing against his captors. Slipping backwards slightly, Bret hunched down so his crotch ground into the kids face.

He lay down so that their bodies were chest to chest, released the ab claw and applied a ball claw, the poor kids’ balls taking more punishment as they were roughly grabbed, twisted and pulled.

The three wrestlers again rolled away leaving the kid holding his busted balls and begging to submit.

“Hey, this is almost as good as sex,” laughed Bret. The three wrestlers’ eyes met and they knew what they were going to do next without a word being spoken.

They dropped on the kid and between them managed to pull the track suit from the him. Now the kid may not be fully developed in the muscles department, but a huge pair of swollen balls, an 8” uncut cock and a mass of curly blonde pubic hair was certainly a site to make women moist and some men for that matter.

The referee entered the ring.

“Stop, stop, this isn’t what’s supposed to happen – you are disqualified”

“No rules ref, we’ll tell you when you are required.”

They bundled the referee towards the ropes and, using the kids track suit, they soon had him tied in a position where he could see but not interfere.

The boys’ exposed package was too much of a target for the Mavericks, they roughly pushed the boy to his back and then Bret sat astride his chest facing his feet, Brad pulling the uncut penis up towards the kid’s belly lifting his balls and Billy punching those exposed balls.

They then lifted the boy to his knees, with one supporting him on each side, Bret standing in front of him with his hand squeezing his throat whilst he rubbed his crotch in to his face until his prick was totally hard.

“OK sonny, open your mouth”

The kid shook his head in defiance, but a kick in the balls soon weakened that resistance.

Bret pulled down his white trunks and his thick rock-hard throbbing cock bobbed in front of him. He rubbed his hand up and down the shaft a couple for times until his purple knob, glistened and looked fit to burst. He grabbed the kids’ hair in both hands, shoved his cock down his throat and proceeded to slowly face fuck his good-looking young opponent.  The kid was gagging but Bret didn’t care.

“Hey guys, do you want some of this?  Force him forwards on his knees,” Brett replied as he pulled his cock from the mouth.

The kid’s face was pushed to the canvas and his backside was raised and exposed. Bret who had been filling the Kid’s face positioned himself at the rear, spread his butt cheeks and forced his throbbing member into the virgin arsehole.  The kid screamed.

The two other sadistic heels wasted no time in getting their cocks out and soon both were kneeling in front of the boy with their throbbing erections stuffed in his mouth. As they entered that beautiful mouth, they turned to each other and kissed a hard kiss with tongues entwined.

This action continued for a few minutes.

“Want a piece of this ass?”

The three wrestlers disengaged and stood looking down at the boy with cocks standing proudly above big hairy balls.

The boy was out of it at this stage his beautiful naked body lying abused and broken.

Bret said, “OK Billy you lie down on your back on the mat and we’ll put the punk astride you, you can stuff your cock in his ass from there.  Brad get behind him on top and do the same and I’ll use that pretty mouth”.

In seconds the kid had two cocks ripping his ass to shreds as they jack knifed both cocks in and out and another huge throbbing cock in his mouth.

With a grunt Bret erupted and squirted his hot jizz down the Kids throat. It wasn’t long before Brad and Billy’s cocks up the ass bucked and shot their loads in to that tight orifice.

Once again, the wrestlers withdrew. They walked over to the referee, wiped their cum soaked cocks on his shirt and pulled on their trunks.

“Now we’re ready for you” they said as they untied the ref.

The kid lay motionless on the canvas softly moaning, cum oozing from his mouth and butt where it mingled with blood.

The Mavericks strutted over and took up their positions for what would be the final act of the bout, Billy with a body scissors, Brad with a scissors around the kid’s throat and Bret at the kids head ready to give the signal.

As the word was given, two pairs of smooth muscular thighs squeezed and one hand came over the boy’s mouth, pinching his nose leaving the kid unable to breath. The naked kid bucked and struggled but just before he passed out, the hand over the mouth was removed and the holds were released.  The kid fell back to the mat almost but not quite out of it.  He was sucking air as hard as he could.

Each of the Maverick’s dropped to their knees, placed one extended pinky each on the kid’s chest and then flexed their other bicep and chest posing for the crowd. The majority of the crowd was booing and screaming. 

“OK ref, start the count.”



  1. Mangler, I anxiously awaited your manglerized version and I was not disappointed. You were right, a hot story to begin with . . . made even hotter by your additions. Did not even make it through the match before shooting. Thanks.

  2. Hope there are more stories to come.