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Monday, March 1, 2021

The Campground: Dan vs Kyle


The Campground Matches:

Kyle vs Dan


The Mangler


Kyle entered the ring to the applause and cheers of the leather crowd.  This was his first official professional style match.  Kyle stood 6’ and weighed in at 185.  He was in decent shape but wasn’t cut and overly defined.  He was dressed in green square cut trunks, white knee pads and white wrestling boots.  He had been training and being taught by the Choirboy.  He had no delusions that he was going to win, but he had to start somewhere.  Especially since he was fighting a professional wrestler and friend.  He was concerned about how much retribution Dan was looking for.

Looking out over the crowd he saw an incredible mix of people:  Masters, slaves, daddies, boys, puppies, leather and just about any other man kink.  The ring was set up outdoors and fortunately today was slightly overcast which reduced the sun glare but was warm and comfortable.  That he was even here at the campground, much less in a wrestling ring, was a major miracle in and of itself.

He had been a happy vanilla gay guy until Dan had his debut match and he had met Choirboy in the fallout from that.  What had started as a straight forward sex romp had morphed into something else. He still wasn’t sure where it was going, but he was willing to experiment.  Thus, he was at the campground.

He had been introduced first as the least experienced wrestler.  “And now the referee for this match is Wrestledaddy.”  Coming to the ring was a 6’ 250-pound muscle daddy.  Instead of black and white striped shirt and long black pants he was wearing a black and white striped leather vest and black leather shorts. He had on black wrestling shoes.  He was in shape and confident.  He was about half way down toward the ring when someone dressed in a complete rubber suit stepped out behind him and slammed his steel toed boot up between Wrestledaddy’s legs, slamming into his nuts.

He stopped, dropped his hands to his groin and fell to his knees.  He felt like puking.  Two persons dressed in leather jocks, leather caps, and nothing else stepped in front of him.  One was about the size of Wrestledaddy and the other had more of a swimmer’s build.

“Got something for me Wrestledaddy?” asked the smaller man.

Wrestledaddy looked up and said in a strangled voice, “Uhh, not quite yet.  I just need a couple more days.”

“Sorry, times up.  So, it’s time for alternate payment.  You’re mine for the rest of the week.”

“Just two more days..” he pleaded.

“Nah, you’ve been given enough time.”

“But I have this match to ref..”  he began.

“We’ve taken care of that for you.  Take off the vest.”

With the pain in his nuts, being outnumbered, and knowing he was in the wrong, Wrestledaddy just sighed.  He slipped the vest off and held it out to the man.  The man took the vest, turned to the left and tossed the vest into the crowd.  “You take care of this.”

The vest was caught by a man in a leather hood wearing a jockstrap and leather chaps.  “You’ve got it,” he said as he caught the vest and donned it.  He walked to the ring and slid under the ropes.   He stood and walked to the middle of the ring and looked toward the tent.

Meanwhile, Wrestledaddy had his arms pulled behind his back and      bound together elbow to wrist.  Two large zipties were placed around his legs and thighs.  He was stuck kneeling until released.  He was lifted out of the aisle and placed near the port-a-potties.  The rubber clad individual who had nutted him, stepped in front of him and forced a piss gag in his mouth and locked it into position.

“Free blowjobs,” the smaller of the jock strapped dudes yelled and laughed.  He dropped the front of his jock and inserted into the waiting mouth.  “Line starts behind me.”  Knowing that Wrestledaddy was mainly a top, many guys in the area jumped into the line realizing that they may not have another opportunity.  They would worry about retribution later.  Wrestledaddy was a little surprised and humiliated when he noted that his slutboy was number two in line.  This was too good an opportunity for slutboy to pass up.  Wrestledaddy thought about retribution, but then there wasn’t anything he could think of that slutboy wouldn’t do.

Dan was observing the happenings from the tent while awaiting his introduction.  “Isn’t anyone going to do anything??” he asked what passed for an official at the Campground.

“Nope, as long as they found a replacement ref all is good.  You do have the right to refuse the match if you want to pussy out.”

“How do we know the ref is any good, or as good as they get in this league.”

“The substitute ref was approved before Wrestledaddy was taken out.”  Chad and Brice just looked at each other at this comment.

“Okay then let’s go.”

“Our next wrestler, hailing from the Redneck Arena, and making his debut at the campground matches is Cumface.”

Dan just walked out and didn’t even try to correct anything.  In respect for where he was, he was dressed in black – trunks, boots, and kneepads.  He walked down the aisle to about even cheers and jeers.  He was surprised that he got that many cheers but just walked toward the ring.  About half way down the aisle, Bully stepped out of the crowd and turned to face Dan.

“What are...” was all Dan managed to get out before Bully slammed his ham like fist into his gut and then wrapped his arms around the lower abs locked his hands in the middle of the back lifted Dan and began to squeeze.  “Aahh, what are you doing,” Dan managed to squeak out.

“Just getting a little revenge Cumface.  You had the chance to support me with Master Spike but you had to go and qualify it, so he didn’t accept your word.  That was a difficult night for me.”


“Yeah, you are going to be.”  Bully then squeezed as hard as he could.  Dan oomphed as the air was expelled and the hold was tightened across his back.  His face started to turn red.

Kyle turned to the ref and said “aren’t you going to do something?”

The ref turned and looked at Kyle. “First off the match hasn’t started yet so he’s on his own.  Secondly, Bully is softening him up.  Do you really want me to do something?” 

He was obviously altering his voice but still Kyle thought the voice was familiar but couldn’t immediately place it.  “uuh, no I guess not.”

Back in the tent, Chad and Brice stood watching the action.

“Aren’t you guys going to help your boy,” Spike asked.  Spike had softened his frat boy image.  Today he was dressed in a pair of leather shorts and tennis shoes.  He stood 5’4” and weighed 130 pounds.  He was in shape and sexy as hell.

“Nah.  He needs to learn that wrestling at the campground isn’t wrestling at the Arena.  Besides, we’ve all have our campground wrestling moments,” Brice stated.

“Yours was butt naked in the middle of the ring getting introduced to my cock, if I remember correctly,” Spike grinned.

“Fuck off.  Oh wait, Chad and I did that when we spitroasted you in the ring.  Anyway, Cumface wanted to come, even though we tried to dissuade him, so we’ll let him have the full experience.  If necessary, we will help.  So, you can have your goons stand down.”

Spike looked over and said “What goons?”  He didn’t say it with much conviction.

“This isn’t our first rodeo, you know.  The goons you hired to make sure we didn’t interfere with Bully’s interference.  So, you get them to stand down and I’ll get our goons, who were here to stop your goons, to also stand down.”

Spike just laughed and signaled someone who nodded and went to find a seat.  Brice did the same to his men.  Spike then went and got a couple of beers which he handed to Chad and Brice.   The three then left the tent and headed for some seats near the front of the ring.

Bully turned toward the ring, while squeezing as hard as possible, and charged down toward the ring only stopping when Dan’s back hit the apron.  He backed up and did it two more times.  Dan was starting to feel weak from the bearhug and the slams.  Bully turned and looked until he found a bicycle rack (at a leather S&M event??).  He walked toward it.  Once he reached there, he loosened his hold, swung Dan up and then down with his legs on each side of the rack.  The swing stopped when Dan’s nuts impacted the rack.  Cheers were heard from the crowd.

The pain exploded in his crotch and traveled up his body to his chest.  He had difficulty catching his breath.  Bully lifted him up and Dan croaked “please not again.”

Bully whispered so that no one else could hear.  “Join me and Master spike for an evening of fun and I won’t.”

“Okay,” Dan whimpered not even having to think about it.

Bully raised him off the rack, charged into the ring apron once more.  He then released the bearhug and sat Dan on his feet.  He took his right hand and slammed a fist into the abs then rolled Dan under the ropes into the ring.  As soon as Dan was under the ropes, the ref signaled for the bell and motioned for Kyle to commence.

Kyle charged across the ring, leapt in the air and came down onto Dan with a knee into the abs.  He then rolled Dan to his stomach.  He stood and began a series of stomps into the lower back.  He reached over and grabbed the top rope with both hands.  He leapt up and came down with both feet into the back.  He did this twice more.  The ref just stood and watched ignoring the use of the top rope.

Dan finally had the good sense to roll under the ropes.  However, as he rolled onto the apron, Bully rolled him right back into the ring.  “Not time to leave just yet, cumface.”  Dan ended up on his back.

In a voice no one but Kyle could hear the ref said, “Boston Crab. Middle of the ring.”

Kyle looked at the ref questioningly, shrugged, then bent down and grabbed Dan by the wrists and pulled him to the center of the ring.  He dropped a knee into the abs and turned Dan to his stomach.  He then jumped over the back and landed butt first on Dan’s lower back facing the feet.  He grabbed the ankles, locked them under his armpits and pulled back into the perfect Boston Crab.  Dan’s back was feeling the full effect.

Before the ref walked to the head to see if Dan wished to submit, he whispered “balls”.

Once the ref was out of position, Kyle reached down and locked a ball claw onto the crotch.

Dan screamed “aah, my balls, my balls.”

“Yeah, I know Bully hurt your balls, but that was before the match and I can’t do anything about that now” the ref intoned in an obviously false voice.

“ my balls.”

“Oh, are you saying Kyle is attacking your balls?”

As Dan nodded yes, the ref said “I’ll go and check.”  He then stood up and headed toward Dan’s feet.

Hearing the ref say he was going to check, Kyle broke the ball claw and settled back into the crab.

The ref walked back and said “Nope everything looks clean back here.  Must be the residual effects from Bully.”

Kyle then began to bounce up and down.  Dan’s moans became louder so the ref went to check if he wanted to submit.  As soon as he was out of sight, Kyle began slapping down into the balls.  When Dan complained the ref went to check.  Every time he did the hold was legal.  This sequence repeated itself several times before Kyle dropped the crab.

When the crab was released, Dan’s feet dropped to the mat.  Kyle turned, slid slightly up the back, grabbed the arms, locked them over his knees, then reached up and grabbed the chin and pulled back until the Camel Clutch was locked in place.  The pressure on the lower back continued but was different.  It was cumulative to the previous pain, but also worked other muscles.

Kyle took his fingers and fish hooked Dan’s mouth and pulled the cheeks apart.  The ref allowed the hold to continue for a few seconds then forced Kyle to release the cheeks.  He did not, however, make him release the clutch.

After a couple of minutes, Kyle dropped the hold.  He pulled Dan to his feet, locked him into a bear hug (not nearly the power of Bully, but it didn’t need to be) and charged full speed across the ring, releasing the hug just before slamming the lower back into the top ring post.  He reapplied the bear hug turned and charged across to the other turnbuckle, repeating the slam.

Kyle allowed Dan to fall to the mat face first.  He looked a little unsure until the ref whispered “reverse tree of woe”.

Kyle climbed out onto the ring apron and pulled Dan’s legs under the ropes with a  leg on either side of the ring post.  He heard Bully standing by the ring say, “crotch him.”  Kyle stopped. That wasn’t what he had planned but he realized he could do both.  He dropped from the apron to the ground, fell backward and slammed Dan’s nuts into the corner post.

The ref then began his count.  Kyle slid under the ropes to break the count and then rolled back out to the apron.  He then grabbed Dan’s legs and lifted up. Dan’s balls slid up the post until they hit the lower turnbuckle.  Kyle then took the ankles, pushed them back through the ropes and then locked them on the second rope.

Kyle slid back into the ring, grabbed both of Dan’s wrists and pulled backward and upward. 

Dan’s chest was lifted off the mat and the pressure was centered on his back.  While he was suspended, Bully came over and reached under the ropes and began to massage and gently squeeze Dan’s tits – a big erogenous zone.  Pleasure and pain competed for attention.

The ref walked over and ordered Bully out of the action.  As Bully backed down the ring, the ref followed him and was admonishing him. He was ignoring Kyle, Dan and the hold.

The crowd was cheering and encouraging Kyle.

Chad and Brice looked over at Spike.  “Hmm, wander what the ref is getting out of being stupid?” Chad asked.

“Stupid?” Spike said.

“Yeah, he is obviously helping Kyle.  Just wondering if there is a reason or just a bad ref.”

Brice then interjected, “Just continuing Dan’s debut.”

Chad looked over with a confused look and said “what?”.  Spike just smirked.

Brice said “Look around and see whose missing.  He isn’t anywhere to be found.  And we both know he wouldn’t miss Kyle’s debut nor Dan in a match.  And he didn’t.”

Chad looked at the ref and then at Spike.  “Good job.  Devious as usual.  Your idea or his??”

“I don’t know what you mean…. but mine of course,” Spike beamed.

Meanwhile in the ring, the ref had returned to the action and forced a break.  He then moved in and freed Dan from the ropes.  Dan’s legs dropped to the ring floor and apron.  The ref turned and began to berate Kyle for the illegal hold.  Bully took advantage of the distraction, walked down, grabbed the legs and leaned back, forcing Dan’s balls back into the ring post.  He held the hold until he saw the ref turning, dropped the legs and dropped to the grass so that he was out of the ref’s sightline.

As Kyle walked by the ref on his way to the corner, the ref said “abs”.  Once Kyle reached the corner, he delivered one stomp to the back, then pulled Dan back into the ring.  He rolled Dan over onto his back and dropped three knee drops into the lower abs.  He followed this by three elbows, making sure to drive the point of his elbow into the navel.

Next, he sat on the upper thighs and clamped on an abs claw.  He made sure one of his fingers was in the depths of the navel and thus coming up under the abs.  He squeezed as hard as possible.

Dan tried to shake the hold off and managed to actually lift himself up on his elbows and began trying to push up enough to deliver a forearm.  Kyle kept the hold on until he heard the ref say “ball punch.”

Kyle dropped the claw and delivered a hard fist into the nuts, dropping Dan back to the mat.

“Hey watch the low blows.  Get off now.”

As Kyle stood the ref said “between the legs ball stomp.”

Smiling Kyle lifted both legs and delivered a stomp at the V.

Dan rolled his legs free and dropped his hands to his crotch.

Kyle administered two stomps to the abs, followed by two knees.

“Abs stretch,” whispered the ref.  “Near the ropes.”

Kyle pulled Dan to his feet, positioned him and applied an abdominal stretch.  Dan groaned but declined the ref’s offer to submit.

When the ref was out of position, Kyle would reach back and grab the rope to add more pressure.  When the ref was in position Kyle would massage and tweak the nipples.  Again, pain and pleasure were competing for attention.  Dan’s cock was responding and starting to fill out.

The ref “finally” caught Kyle with his hand on the rope and made him break the hold.  When Dan hit the mat, Kyle kicked him out of the ring, where he landed back first.

The ref began to berate Kyle and push him back to the middle of the ring.  Taking advantage of the situation, Bully came over and jumped, landing with both feet into the abs.  He placed his hands on the ring apron and remained standing on the abs.  He would then lift one foot and stomp down.  He would then do the other foot.

The ref whispered, “try to get around me.”  So, Kyle attempted to step around the ref.

Bully stepped off of Dan’s abs.  Looking into the ring, he observed that the ref was still occupied. He reached down, whispered to Dan “sorry about this --- I think”, then grabbed on both sides of Dan’s trunks.  With one sharp quick pull, he had the trunks and jockstrap down to his ankles.  He then maneuvered them completely off.  He pulled Dan back to his feet, slammed the edge of his fist into the throat, reached down and gave a couple of gentle jerks to the cock, slammed a fist into the abs and then rolled him back under the ropes into the ring.  Once again Dan found himself ambushed and naked in the wrestling ring.

Kyle whispered “he’s back in the ring,” so, the ref allowed him to get around him.  As he walked past the ref said, “roll up and massage.”

Kyle slowed but then continued over to Dan.  He grabbed both of Dan’s ankles, pulled them up and over his head.  He sat at Dan’s head, pulled his head up into his crotch, slipped his legs under the shoulder’s so that they were off the mat. He now had Dan rolled up.  He trapped the left leg under his pit, released the right ankle.  He took his right hand, reached down and began to stroke and jerk Dan’s cock, until it had reached full thickness.  It was sad that the audience couldn’t see the tattoo on the cock.

Once the cock had reached full thickness, he released it, and moved his hand down to the anus.  He began stroking and massaging around the asshole.  Dan began to moan and groan.  Kyle slipped one finger inside and began to massage the prostate.  In a matter of seconds Dan let out a very large moan, a scream and then ejaculated all over his chest and face and Kyle’s chest.

Once Dan had finished ejaculating, Kyle continued to stroke Dan’s cock preventing it from deflating.  Once he was sure that Dan was hard again, he dropped the legs, slipped Dan’s head out of his crotch, stood up and pulled Dan to his feet.  He locked on a full nelson and paraded Dan around the ring making sure everyone could see the Choirboy’s tattooed on Dan’s cock.

The ref asked Dan if he wanted to submit, but he could only grunt due to the blow to the neck from Bully.  He couldn’t utter the words, yes or I submit or I give.

Kyle released the full nelson, moved his hands down Dan’s slick chest and upper abs.  He stopped once he had his hands near Dan’s navel.  He reformed a fist with his left hand, making sure his thumb was in the navel, locked his right hand over the fist.  Once in position, he pulled tight and began squeezing in a reverse bearhug.

He lifted Dan from the mat, squeezed hard and began shaking him back and forth.  The thumb in the umbilicus increased the pain radiating out from his abs.  Kyle held the hold, and Dan in the air, for about 1 ½ minutes before leaning back, lifting Dan in the air and then dropping him down onto his extended knee slamming his tenderized balls into his thigh.  The earlier ball abuse and the recent ejaculation had made Dan’s balls extra sensitive.  The slam felt like a sledge hammer to the balls.  As the pain exploded up his body, Dan all but passed out.

Kyle felt him go somewhat limp as he dropped him to the mat.  Kyle slapped him across the face to revive him.  He then lifted Dan back up and reapplied an ab stretch, making sure he was in the center of the ring.  He used his free hand to gently stroke Dan’s cum covered body.  He paid particular attention to the tits until he had Dan fully hard again.  He then began jerking Dan again.

Dan began to moan and his body started to tense in preparation for ejaculating again.  When Kyle felt this, he dropped the cock and slapped the hypersensitive balls causing Dan’s erection to subside.  Dan moaned in frustration.  Kyle reached down and began stroking the head of Kyle’s sensitive cock.  Dan began moaning again, but this time in pleasure.  Once again his cock filled out to full thickness.  He slowed his stroking to slow gentle strokes going along the entire length of the cock.  Becoming frustrated, Dan began to thrust his hips, as much as he could, trying to increase the pleasure so that he could ejacutlate.

As he felt Dan approaching the point of no return, Kyle slid his hand down to the base of the cock and then along the length of the scrotum.  He then encircled the balls with his hands.  He tightened his grip and suddenly he squeezed as hard as he could and jerked the balls downward.  Dan felt like his nuts had just be pulled off and his hardon quickly softened.


The ref just stood and laughed.  Kyle was learning.

“Please, please,” could be heard coming from Dan.

“Please what?” Kyle asked.

“Please please let me cum.”  He was so desperate to cum, that Dan didn’t even think about submitting.

“I’m not sure,” Kyle replied and he tapped the nuts again.

“Oh, god please, please, please just let me cum.”

“You mean like this,” Kyle asked as he slowly began stroking the cock again until the pleasure overcame the pain in the balls.

“Yes, Yes, thank you.  Yes, please don’t stop.”

Kyle dropped his voice so that only the ref and Dan could hear.  Dan whimpered and tried to move his body to help himself cum, but he was locked in and exhausted from the previous abuse.  He was so close, but then  Kyle tapped his nuts again  and his cock softened. 

Dan needed relief so he screamed at the top of his voice, “Please Master Kyle, allow Cumface to cum,” just as Kyle had instructed him.   The crowd burst into laughter and cheers at the event.  Kyle made him repeat the plea once more before he obliged Cumface and started jerking him in earnest until Dan came a second time.  He still produced lots of cum and Kyle directed as much as he could to Dan’s upper body and chest.

Once Dan seemed to deflate and relax, Kyle released the hold and Dan dropped to the mat.  Laughing Kyle threw his hands up in the air until the ref said “you haven’t pinned him yet and he hasn’t submitted.”

“True,” Kyle responded before going over and kneeling beside Dan who was flat on the mat.  Kyle slipped his hand over Dan’s mouth with one hand and with the other reached down and began stroking Dan again.  As Dan began to harden once more, in spite of himself, Kyle leaned over and whispered into his ears.  Dan immediately nodded yes.

Kyle released the mouth and the cock, rolled Dan to his stomach and pulled him up to his hands and knees. He then began to run his finger around Dan’s ass again.  He motioned for the ref to come closer.  Once the ref was near, Dan bent down, kissed each of the ref’s boots and shouted “Thank you for reffing my humiliation.”

The ref and the crowd were  howling with laughter at this point.

“Do you submit”, the ref asked.

“Yes, yes, I do, I submit.”

As soon as Dan had submitted, Kyle stopped stroking the asshole, stood and moved away from Dan.  Dan fell to the mat, rolled to his back, reached down, grabbed his cock and jerked off to completion.  Once he finished, he collapsed back to the mat.  He slowly began to regain his senses as he heard the crowd chanting at the top of their voices, “Cumface, Cumface” over and over.  The realization that Kyle, a rookie, had defeated him without resistance, even with some help, and that he had cum three times caused him to turn bright red with humiliation.

He looked up with some trepidation, as Kyle and the ref stood over him.  The ref reached up and removed his leather hood.  Dan screamed, “fuck” when he saw Choirboy’s face looking down at him.

“Still, and always, my bitch, Cumface,” Choirboy laughed.  He then turned, pulled Kyle close and kissed him with lots of tongue.  They then exited the ring.

Dan realized that, one, he had been had and that two, there were worse places than the Arena. 

Suddenly Dan felt himself sliding out of the ring.  He was unceremoniously slung over Bully’s shoulder.  “Nothing too personal man, but Master Spike wanted his hands on you.  And now he gets it for the night.”

Dan groaned as he remembered his earlier promise.

Bully walked back toward the tent, making sure to expose Dan’s asshole to the ground, where he was joined by Chad, Brice, and Spike.

Once sitting in the tent, Dan looked at Chad and Brice and said “why?”

Chad looked at him and said “in spite of our warnings, you wanted to come and experience the campground and you have.  You are going to be sore and achy, but you’ll survive.  Plus, it was hotter than hell.”

Brice replied “got that right Chad.”

Spike walked over and knelt down so that he was face to face with Dan.  “You are hot and I wanted to get my hands on you.  Looking like you do right now, and knowing that I was responsible, has gotten me horny as hell.  Now you promised me and Bully a night with you and I want it.  But you also have to want it.  You can back out of your word if you wish.”  Dan was somewhat surprised to hear this.  At the Arena there would be no option and he thought here even less so.  And to many campers there wouldn’t have been either.  But Spike was Spike and he did things his own way and not many people objected.

Dan looked over at Chad and Brice and remembered their earlier warning about Spike.  He had a questioning look on his face.  Both Chad and Brice just shrugged and looked at him.

He turned back to look at Spike and had a mild look of fear on his face.  But he had to admit that Spike was sexy as hell and he did have a nice full cock outlined in his leather shorts.

Spike laughed, reached up and stroked Dan’s face.  “You may not like everything that happens tonight, but I will. However, I realize that you are practically a novice at this, so I promise nothing too extreme, for me, and no permanent damage.”

While he heard the words, something about Spike’s voice and the look in his eye wasn’t very reassuring.   But he was sexy as fuck.  He again looked over at Chad and Brice who just nodded.

“I made a promise and I’ll honor it,” he said in a shaky voice.

Spike stood, looked at Chad and Brice and said, “I’ll have him back at your place by noon tomorrow.”

“Okay slave boys,” Spike stated to Bully and Dan.  “Let’s go and have some fun and get me off.”

Spike, Bully and Dan exited the tent and headed back towards the cabin.  From the fans in the area, Dan received some verbal abuse but also some words of encouragement as they made their way, not back to the cabin as Dan has assumed, but to the dungeon setup in the campground pavilion.  Dan shuddered as he walked in and saw everything. 

Maybe I really should just run away and return to the indies and give all this shit up, Dan thought as Spike led him over to a sling.

The final match for the day was over.  The jockstrapped men walked over and freed Wrestledaddy from the piss gag and cut the zipties.  The few men still  in line bitched and complained until the two men gave them the look of death.

It took a moment for the feelings to return to Wrestledaddy’s legs.  With assistance he was able to stand.  Each of the men stood on one side and began marching him back toward their tent.

“Remember you’re ours for the rest of the week,” wiry jockstrap guy said.

“Let’s make a detour by the wrestling tent first,” Wrestledaddy replied.


“That’s where my gym bag with my things and the money I owe you is,” Wrestledaddy replied.

The thin wiry man stopped and turned to look at him.  “If you had the money, why didn’t you say so?”

Wrestledaddy just smiled and said, “And miss the fun.  Look most people know me as a top.  Sometimes, I just want to give up control and not know what is going to happen.” 

“You could have just asked for it.”

“I could have just asked, but that isn’t near as much fun.  While I knew I was going to be convinced not to ref the match, I didn’t expect that to happen, but I took advantage of it.  I truly didn’t want to know what was going to happen.   Plus, you know as well as I do, many people loved what they just saw happen.  Not just to me but in the ring as well.”

“Oh yeah, definitely worth coming for.”

Reaching the tent, Wrestledaddy went in and got his bag.  As he opened it to pull the money he owed them out, he noticed an envelope.  When he looked inside there were several bills and a single note “thanks”.

He looked around for Spike to acknowledge the money but didn’t see him.  He walked out of the tent and handed the money he owed over. He kept the bribe money in his hand.

“Looks like we are good then,” jockstrap guy said and started to turn away.

“Well, technically I’m still ‘yours for the week’ as I didn’t pay on time,” Wrestledaddy said with a pleading look in his eyes.

“Jesus.”  He then laughed, “you could have asked, but yes, yes I know mystery etc.  Well, if you want it so much, drop to your knees and beg me to pay attention to you for the rest of the week.”  And Wrestledaddy did.  This being the campground, most people paid no attention but several were turned on by what they saw.

The three of them started off toward their tent.  Wrestledaddy stopped, looked over at the other two and said, “Maybe a detour to the public dungeon??”

The other two just laughed, “Damn you are worse than slutboy is this week.  You really want to do more of this in public?”

“Yeah, one week out of 52 is okay.”

They then headed toward the dungeon which was going to be rocking tonight as it was most nights during leather and fetish week at The Campground.  As they approached the entrance, Wrestledaddy stuffed the bills he had received for agreeing not to ref into the donation box for local gay charities.  Now he didn’t have to feel bad about helping set Dan up.   Not that he really felt bad at all.  He would have done it for nothing, but knew he could raise a little money for the charities.

When they left the dungeon the next morning, Wrestledaddy had agreed to a handicapped match with Spike and his partner Patriot who was a fellow frat member who wasn’t much bigger than Spike.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Wrestler


The Wrestler

by Gym Dude

My job requires some travel and while I'm a people person and enjoy working with and helping new people I'm not crazy about the food. Not being one to frequent the "finer" restaurants and especially not wanting to take the time, I usually stop at "down home" style places or coffee shops. Driving home from a recent upstate conference would be no different.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Campground: Introduction


The Campground:



The Mangler

“I can’t fucking believe that I let you talk us into bringing you” Chad said as he turned the SUV into the rutted dirt driveway. 

“Look, I’m an adult and after the 72 hours with Choirboy, I think I can handle this,” Dan replied.

“We will see.  You will see anything and everything from vanilla to extreme kink.  Just be careful what the hell you agree to.  Not everyone will honor limits or, occasionally, even safe words.  Since this is your first time, stay close, and remember that you agreed to be our boy” Brice replied.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Warehouse Two

 [This is the last of the Warehouse series.  Unfortunately, there is no conclusion to the story]

Warehouse Two
Sal Bruno

Right now, it was time to see the last two unchallenged warehouse fighters to the bloodstained floor......." No one in the room had ever thought that Stanhorn would brutalize Jeff so thoroughly in their fight, and their eyes could not help but turn to the handsome but bloody young stud whose face got rammed so thoroughly into the cinder block walls, and whose body was so brutally battered from one end of the room to the next. The scent of the room had changed from pure manscent and testosterone, to include the unmistakable scent of raw flesh, blood and pain. And yet there were one more set of fighters to even out up their fists.... but now their time had come.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

One Year and Counting


One Year and Counting

February 16, 2020 was my first post on – The Mangler is Back.  That day I also published an old story and then a new story that was a continuation of that story.  Since then, I have posted almost all of the old stories from my site (a few still remain). 

In addition, I have posted 20 other stories (17 Wrestling and 3 non wrestling) that are new.  I had not realized that it was that many until I looked.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Battle of the Destroyers


The Battle of the Destroyers

Dan versus Skull


The Mangler

“Welcome to the next match here at the Redneck Arena.  This match should be a real barn burner and should give you bloodthirsty lot something to talk about for a long time – well at least until the next Redneck Arena show.”  The crowd roared and cheered their approval.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Suite and Tie Battle Two


Suit and Tie Battle Two
Sal Bruno

After watching Tony prance a little after his win, and Frank slowly get up off the floor to wait for his next fight, the next two salesmen turned fighters were next up to fight for the next remaining spot on the sales team. Tom O'Reilly was wearing the cumstained shirt he jerked off in the night before, which reeked of his pit juice and multiple cumloads. He looked over at his opponent, nearly an inch taller and 20 pounds heavier than he, and despite his nervousness, felt the twinge of his balls and the lengthening of his dick as he looked over Sam Reed's body. Each was in a dark single-breasted suit, white shirt, silk tie, each of them custom tailored to their muscular defined frames. Sam had square shaped cufflinks, and Tom, just buttons at the cuff, but in his pocket was a small nail file in case it took a little something extra to win this thing.