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Monday, April 6, 2020

The Showdown

[You need to be careful when you negotiate that contract.]

The Showdown

by The Mangler

It is hereby agreed by the parties signed below that the match shall consist of a no time limit match.  The standard rules of The World Pro Fight League apply with the following exceptions as agreed to by both parties:

1. each wrestler is entitled to one (1) second at ringside.  Said second must be selected in advance and said name forwarded to the referee at least one week prior to the match.

2. each wrestler is entitled at the time of the match to select one (1) additional rule or requirement pertaining to the attire, rules and conduct of the match subject to previous  agreement with the ref.  Said rule will be announced to the other wrestler by the referee at the beginning of the match.  If either wrestler chooses not to accept said rule change, he shall pay a fine of $100,000 to the other wrestler and be barred from the league for six (6)  months.  Said wrestler remains under exclusive contract to The World Pro Fight League.

          a. each wrestler may discuss the proposed rule with the referee anytime up to one week prior to the match.  The referee shall rule on the admissibility of the rule change and has complete and final say over the allowance of any rule

          b. the referee shall show broad discretion in the allowance of the proposed rule; only those rules which are extremely dangerous or manifestly prejudicial to one wrestler shall be disallowed.

          c. the referee MAY NOT under ANY circumstances discuss one wrestler’s proposed rule, or the content of either wrestler’s discussion, with the other wrestler.

3. Wrestling attire shall be standard wrestling equipment.  For purposes of “illegal or low blows” the area covered by said wrestling attire shall be considered off limits.

4. During the course of the match, if one wrestler proposes a rule change and the other wrestler accepts, that rule is adopted and becomes one of the rules of the match.  These rules DO NOT have to be discussed with the referee beforehand and the referee MAY NOT reject said rule, subject to acceptance by both wrestlers.  However, interpretation of the rule    change is COMPLETELY at the ref’s discretion.

5. The match shall take place with a cage built around the ring at a distance of ten feet on all sides.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 The fans were highly excited about tonight’s match.  The final “showdown” match between Dave and Craig was occurring tonight.  The two wrestlers had shown increasing animosity and hatred for each other over the past year and were battling whenever and wherever they could, either legally in the ring or illegally outside the ring.  The wrestling commissioner had finally suggested the showdown match.  The negotiations had been as intense as their rivalry.  However, final rules were finally agreed upon.  The special stipulations of the match had been widely distributed via the Internet, word of mouth, and on the streets such that there was a large sellout crowd for the match.  Most fans were awaiting the start of the match with increasing agitation.  The first matches of the evening were over and they were now awaiting the arrival and Dave and Craig.

Because of the advanced hype and ticket sales, it had been necessary to move the card to another arena at the last minute.  As such the setup wasn't quite "normal".  The cage, as stipulated, was ten feet from the ring apron--far enough out of the way not to be a factor in the match.  However, it had been necessary to include the first row of seats within the cage.  There had been talk of selling these seats at a premium, but that idea was vetoed by both wrestlers.

 The crowd had been so anxious for the main event to begin that it had been necessary to even cancel two of the preliminary bouts.  The crowd was getting much too anxious and fidgety and there was fear of violence.

 The referee for tonight's match is Big John, so named because of his size.  He stood 6'6" and weighed in at a massive 320#.  He is all muscle with absolutely no fat (as were all the players associated with this match).  He is extremely handsome and scrupulously fair.  He has been in the wrestling game long enough to know most of the tricks of the trade.

Dave is 26 years old and has been in the league for 5 years.  He has been very successful and has held several of the lower-ranking titles, and in the last year or so has been moving rapidly up the ranks.  He is regarded as a "baby face", but as his feud with Craig has intensified, he has been known to ignore the rules and brawl with the best of them.  He stands 6'2" tall, weighs 265# of pure muscle, and has a classic body builder's physique with a perfect v-shaped torso.  To say that he was gorgeous would be an understatement, for Dave was widely regarded as being the handsomest guy in the league.  He has dark brown hair, cut short, and the kind of blue eyes that would melt the coldest heart.  His physique is the perfect match for his stunning face, perfectly proportioned and thick with powerful muscle.  His massive chest is covered with a silky mat of dark curly hair that trails into a single line down his abdomen disappearing into his trunks.  He has a preference for short cut trunks (somewhere between the standard trunks and a bikini style) in bright colors.  Tonight, he is wearing his "lucky" red trunks, allowing his many fans (both male and female) admire his tight ass and extraordinarily well-packed crotch.

Craig stands in opposition to Dave.  He is a compact 5'11", 280#, and is thus even more muscular than Dave.  He also has a body builder’s shape, although more square than V shaped.  He has short blonde hair, sharp baby blue eyes, and a dark tan -- in short, a perfect Beach Boy look.  Craig is also extremely handsome, with a dark, bad-boy look.  Although he has the appearance of a classic baby face, he could not be more opposite, as many of his opponents would attest.  He will do anything to win a match.  No tactic, no blow, no maneuver is considered too extreme or off limits.  In other words, Rules mean nothing to him.  He has a preference for singlet style attire (the better to cheat with), and tonight is wearing his Univ. of Miami singlet.

In view of this fact, Big John spent a large amount of time with Craig prior to the match and made it known that he would be enforcing the rules to the limit.  Craig had responded with a "no problem", which, combined with the rules for the match, had made Big John somewhat uneasy.

Craig's second for tonight, Jay, is also occasionally his tag team partner and has a very similar look.  In the beginning of their career they had wrestled as the Beach Boys.  Jay stands 6’1" tall, weighs 285# of bulging muscle, and is also handsome in an overly-masculine, square-jawed sort of way.  Jay also has blonde hair cut very short, and blue-green eyes.  His wrestling philosophy matches that of his partner perfectly: "Winning isn't everything.  It is the only thing."

The two wrestlers met in the center of the ring with Big John, the referee for tonight.  Dave was alone, as his second had failed to show in time.  He had attempted to select a replacement, but Craig had refused to waive the pre-certification rule and thus Dave had no second.  Jay accompanied Craig to the ring.   

 “Okay, Dave, you get to announce your rule first,” Big John said as the two fighters met in the ring.   

 “My rule is that at any time during the match, either wrestler may call for 30 minutes ‘no submission’ time period during which neither wrestler can submit and the only way for the match to end is with a pin.  The rule can only be invoked one time.”   

 Craig appeared somewhat taken aback by the choice of the rule, not so much as the rule itself, but by the fact that Dave, a notorious “good guy”, would propose it.   

 Big John intoned “Under the agreement I find that the rule is acceptable, and would point out that, if invoked, the full 30 minutes would be allowed.  I must point out that during this time, standard rules would still apply.  Craig, do you accept this requirement.”   

 Staring into the blue eyes of his opponent, Craig replied, “With pleasure Big J.  And you, asshole, are going to regret it.”   

 Big John then turned to Craig.  “And what rule do you propose?”

With a wicked smile on his face Craig stated, “I propose that my opponent wrestle naked.”

A stunned looked crossed Dave’s face.  The look became even more alarmed when Big John announced (with some obvious discomfort), “Under the agreement I find that the rule is acceptable.  Dave, do you accept this requirement.”

A few seconds of silence endured before Dave responded “Yea, if this pussy wants to see a real man’s body so bad that he wastes his rule on that, why not.”

“The rules having been agreed upon, the match may begin once Jay has left the ring and once Dave has removed his trunks and boots.”

Craig replied "Hey Big J, have a heart.  It's bad enough that Dave has to expose his tiny sex tools to everyone.  Let him keep his boots."

"Man, it's your rule, so anyway you want to do it," was Big John's response.

With that Dave removed his trunks, jockstrap, and cup, handing them to Big J.  Craig quickly snatched the trunks from the ref and threw them to Jay at ringside, who held them up like a trophy to the surrounding crowd.

A gasp went up from the audience once Dave’s naked body was revealed, for in reality, Dave had no reason to be embarrassed about his equipment.  Even naked, he possessed a splendid, awe-inspiring physique, and his "puny sex tools" where anything but.  Completely soft, his massive, meaty cock measured an awesome 8 ½" in length and was as thick as a wrist.  It was matched by a set of balls so huge as to be legendary.  Each huge nut was the size of a clenched fist, and was so virile that they were naturally nearly hairless.  Although at the moment there were pulled against his crotch, Dave’s beefy balls were so meaty and heavy that they normally hung a good three inches from the base of his thick cock. 

Once both wrestlers were ready, Big John signaled for the match to begin, and the bell rang.  The two wrestlers warily approached one another before locking up in a refs’ hold.  Dave was able to convert this to a headlock.  He rotated his massive, muscular, 24-inch left arm several times, applying as much pressure as possible to the hold.  He then released the hold, grabbed Craig by the arm, and threw him into the opposite ropes.  As Craig rebounded from the ropes, Dave delivered a knee into Craig’s corrugated stomach, driving the air from Craig's lungs and dropping him to the mat.

Big John moved in before Dave could press his advantage and admonished Dave "to watch out for the illegal blows."

"What do you mean illegal?  It was a clean knee into the stomach," Dave replied.

"According to the rules, anything covered by wrestling trunks is off limits," was Big John's obviously hesitant reply.

Dave seemed to be at a loss for words but noticed that Craig was regaining his feet.  He quickly grabbed him and reapplied the headlock and tried to think.  Craig began trying to apply pressure to the beefy arm and was slowly raising it.  Dave realized that he was losing the hold, and so threw Craig to the mat with a hip check, maintaining the hold and following him down to the mat.  He applied pressure for several more seconds before regaining his feet.  As he released the hold, he pushed Craig chest first into the ropes and delivered a forearm smash across the man’s powerful lower back.

Again, Big John approached, "Watch the illegal blows Dave."

As Dave began to protest that it was a legal blow, Big John reminded him "that anything covered with wrestling gear is considered 'below the belt' and off limits."

Dave was beginning to realize the problems that he was going to have.  He quickly replaced the headlock, more to give him time to think than to hurt his opponent.  Craig decided the time had come to show Dave just how much trouble he was really in.  Reaching between Dave's muscular spread legs, he grabbed Dave's massive balls and began squeezing and pulling them back between the legs.

"Aaaahh, hey ref, make him let go.  He's got me by the balls," Dave bellowed to Big John.

"Anything not covered by wrestling gear is fair game Dave.  Nothing illegal about the hold," Big John intoned with obvious distaste.  As these words sank in, Dave began to realize that he was in for a bigger match than he had anticipated.  The pain in his nuts finally reached an incapacitating level, and he released the headlock and dropped to his knees.  Craig maintained the hold all the way to the mat.   

 “Welcome to hell, big man," Craig sneered.

Releasing his grip on the nuts, Craig got to his feet, pulled Dave to a standing position, and threw him across the ring into the ropes.  As he rebounded into the center of the ring, Dave was met by a knuckle sandwich into his exposed nuts, the blow striking right at the junction of the ball sack and the base of the cock.  A combination grunt of pain and explosion of air was the result.

"Hey, watch the fists, Craig," was Big John's only comment.   

 Laughing, Craig pulled Dave to his feet and delivered a series of three powerful knee lifts into the crotch of his obviously hurting opponent.  The pain in Dave's nuts and lower abdomen was intense.  He realized that he had been "tricked" with the rules and knew that he had little chance of winning.  Thinking of that old phrase "discretion is the better part of valor" he decided to simply surrender.  He knew that he would be subjected to the humiliation of his decision but at least he would still have his nuts.

Craig, however, had other ideas.  As Dave struggled to regain his breath and utter his, ‘I quit,' Craig called out to Big John, " Hey ref, let's start the 30 minute no surrender rule that this pussy wanted."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Dave managed to mutter, "I quit".

"Sorry dude, but according to the rules once the 30 minutes begin, there is no stopping", an obviously distraught Big John replied.

With an evil laugh, Craig grabbed Dave by the hair and pulled him to his feet.  He reached down with his right hand, grabbed Dave's huge balls in a nut crusher, and began applying as much pressure as possible.  The cries of agony and horror that escaped Dave's lips only encouraged Craig to apply even more pressure.

After a few minutes, but what seemed like an eternity to Dave, the devastating hold was released.  Instead of allowing Dave to drop to the mat, Craig grabbed him by the arm and threw him across the ring.  As he rebounded from the ropes, he was met with a knee to the crotch.

He dropped to the mat like a stone, lying on his back and completely stunned by the intense pain in his gigantic nuts.  For the next several minutes, Craig alternated between a two-fisted nut crusher, knees to the balls, and gentle massage and rubbing.  Despite the terrible pain, all the manhandling caused Dave’s mighty cock to engorge to its full, eye-popping 12+ inches, slapping against his upper belly only a few inches from the base of his thick, massive pecs.  Anytime the pain threatened to allow the cock to subside, Craig would stop his pain torture and stroke and pet the cock and balls until it returned to its full steely hardness.

The fans by now were stunned and awed, and possibly a little disgusted.  "How could a man get excited by having his nuts pulverized," they asked?  “How could a man’s cock be so huge and so thick?  How could his balls be larger than those of a bull?”  "It’s not possible," was their reply.  Therefore, Dave must be a freak and deserved whatever was happening to him.

Craig delivered a series of stomps, knee drops, and fists to the lower abdomen of his opponent, and then set him up for the "finish".  Rolling the muscular Dave onto his stomach, Craig spread the massive lower legs apart until the huge balls were splayed out flat on the mat, between the mighty legs.  Craig then stood, placed his booted foot on the ball sack, and began to twist back and forth like he was putting out a cigarette, all the while increasing the pressure.

Big John stood by helplessly as the screams and pleading of Dave filled the air.  Dave could feel his nuts becoming more swollen and mushy as the pain radiated from below.  He bellows of "no more, I quit, please stop" were ignored.

Suddenly the pain was decreased (but by no means stopped), when Craig released the trapped nuts and then fell on Dave's back getting him in a full nelson.  Craig made sure that Big John was nearby as he began talking to Dave in a very gentle, singsong manner.

"Hey pussy boy, how you doing, huh?  Hurting a little bit down below?  Well listen, I'm not a totally uncaring son of a bitch, so I have a little proposition for you.  Hey, Big J, how much time we got left here?"

Consulting the ringside clock, Big John responded "about 8 minutes".

"Oh yeah, plenty of time for me to finish off your big nuts.  Flatten them out.  Smoosh them smooth.  Yeah, plenty of time to take away your manhood, pussy boy," Craig crooned into Dave's ears, the words a harsh contrast to the gentle and quite nature of the voice.  "Would you like to negotiate to keep your nuts, boy?"

Dave was scared shitless, and made even more so by the tone of the voice he heard.  "What do you have in mind," was his croaked reply?

"Well, here is the deal.  I will stop working on those things you used to call your nuts, if you agree to extend the 'no submit' time by another 30 minutes AND allow my partner to join in the action."

"Do you think I'm crazy," was Dave's only response as the words sank into his brain?

"Don't know, are you?", Craig asked as he released half the full nelson, reached down with his free hand and grabbed his opponent’s nuts.  Concentrating on the massive left nut, he began squeezing again.

As the pain exploded to even more unbelievable levels, Dave realized that he was in deep shit either way he went.  But one way at least let him keep his balls.  "Okay, I agree, I agree, just stop."

Craig released the nuts and said, "Okay, just so we all understand the rules, the 'no submit' time is reset for 30 minutes, Jay gets to join the action, and I agree not to touch the pussy boy's nuts.  Is that what we are all agreeing too?"

Dave squeaked out his agreement, and Big John, looking decidedly unhappy about the events, also agreed.  Craig laughed as he released the downed wrestler completely and went over to inform Jay of what was happening.  Big John informed the ring announcer so that an announcement could be made to the crowd.  The crowd reaction was one of support and approval, a turn that Big John had not really expected.  The shouts of derision and scorn directed toward the hurting Dave began to seep into Big John's awareness.

Jay simply laughed as Craig told him of the change of events, and quickly stripped down to his bikini style underwear before entering the ring shouting "I don't want to get any of pussy boy's blood on me." The crowd cheered their approval.   

 Once Jay had finished stripping, the duo was ready to begin their assault.  Dave had managed to get to a kneeling position while Craig and Jay had been planning their mode of attack.  Jay strolled toward his opponent.  As he walked in front of Dave, he was stunned by the sudden appearance of a fist swinging upward from the mat straight into his crotch, slamming Jay’s own big nuts up into his pubic bone with shattering force.  A stunned look crossed his face as the air was forced from his body and he fell back onto the mat.  Many of the fans yelled their approval, but most did not appear happy with the maneuver.

Big John was immediately in front of Dave, yelling at him “Watch the fists and low blows.  They are illegal here.”

“Fuck you,” was Dave’s reply.

Before Big John could reply, Craig, who had approached from behind, delivered a series of kicks to the Dave’s lower back forcing him to the mat, face first.  “Your lousy son-of-a-bitch.  You’re going to regret that,” he yelled.  He then proceeded to deliver a series of knee drops and stomps to the kidney area.  The fans were screaming and yelling their approval by this point.  Craig then pulled Dave to his feet, backed him into the corner, and threw his arms over the top rope, exposing the entire front of his gorgeous body.   

 Big John was on the mat checking on the condition of Jay but could see what was happening in the corner as well.  Once Craig had Dave in position, he began delivering a series of blows into the chest and abdomen using forearm smashes and fists.  Dave attempted to get Big John’s help, but he was still occupied with Jay.  Craig finished his session with several fists into Dave’s battered balls, driving the final resistance from him.  At this point Big John had arrived in the corner and admonished Craig, “hey man, the nuts are off limits at this time,” although there wasn’t much conviction in his voice.

Dave was body slammed to the mat in the center of the ring.  By now Jay had regained his feet and was ready to join the action.  By agreement, he and Craig each took an arm, spread them out from Dave’s body and stood on the wrists, trapping them.  Each then began delivering a series of stomps and kicks into the massive biceps and the armpit.  After several minutes of this, they both stepped back and delivered a double stomp to the biceps, jumping into the air and landing with both feet onto the biceps.  They followed this by dropping their knees on the mighty arms, and then began delivering a series of fists and punches to the weakening muscles.  Big John watched without comment as the assault continued and moans of pains escaped from Dave, who began protesting the fists.  After a minute of two Big John finally admonished the two wrestlers to “move on to something else.  You know fists aren’t allowed.”  But by the then the damage had been done, and Dave’s massive, powerful arms were useless to him.

Jay pulled his devastated opponent from the mat and threw him across the ring into the ropes.  As he rebounded into the open ring, he was met with a knee to the center of his abdomen.  Craig repeated this maneuver, followed again by Jay and then a fourth time by Craig.  After the final knee, Dave lay on his back gasping for breath.  His merciless opponents then began delivering a series of knee drops, stomps, and leg drops into his stomach muscles, one of them holding his arms out of the way as necessary.  The pain in his abdomen slowly intensified, although the pain in his nuts was still the worse.

After a final knee drop, Craig pulled Dave to his feet, scooped him up as if to deliver a body slam, but on the way down twisted him so that he landed stomach first across his knee, driving what little air was left from his lungs.  As he was dropped to the mat, the fans shouted their pleasure at the move.  Those few loyal fans that were still rooting for Dave had become silent, mainly because of receiving threats from the surrounding fans.

As Dave lay on the mat, Jay forced him over onto his back, sat on his chest, and applied a stomach claw to the upper abdomen.  Craig sat on the thighs and applies his claw to the low abdomen, just above the crotch.  Both began digging in trying to reach the backbone.  Dave’s weakened muscles offered little resistance.  Cries of “I quit, please no more” issued from his mouth but were ignored.  Big John dropped to the side of his head and stated, “Sorry dude, but you can’t submit—just like you requested at the beginning of the match,” with a very taunting quality to his voice.  Big John was surprised to find that he was enjoying what was happening to the big, handsome stud.

Dave’s two opponents continued with their claw hold and also discussed their next moves.  They released the claws, stood up, and delivered a series of stomps to Dave’s massive, hairy pecs.  “How much longer, Big J,” Craig shouted out.

“About 8 minutes,” was the reply.

With a smirk on his face, Jay shouted “Time for the surprise finish, Craig.”

Whooping with joy, Craig nodded his head.  He pulled Dave to his feet and applied a full nelson.  However, instead of standing straight up, he crouched down a little forcing Dave to keep his legs spread out.  With a leer on his face, Jay approached the exposed stud, reached down with his left hand, grabbed Dave’s swollen nuts and pulled them out from his body, stretching them over five inches from his sweaty crotch.  He then drew back his huge right hand and delivered a quick series of three blows to the trapped nuts.  The pain exploded his Dave’s body like a bomb had went off in his crotch.  He managed to moan to Big John, “hey the nuts are off limits.”   

 With what appeared to be reluctance Big John said to the two wrestlers, “He is right guys, no crotch blows.  Another one and I will disqualify you.”

Craig replied, “Hey Big John, that isn’t quite right.  The rule was that I wouldn’t attack the groin, and I’m not.  Nothing was said about my partner here.”

Big John started to reply that was bullshit, they both knew what the rule meant, but he had experienced a warm sensation in his own nuts as he watched Jay continue to deliver the nuts shots and heard the pain in Dave’s grunts.  He couldn’t believe that any man could endure such brutal punishment to his nuts, and knew that Dave’s mighty low-hangers must be made of sterner stuff.  Like maybe granite, or steel.  Big John also couldn’t believe that Dave’s cock was still rock hard, and in fact had been drooling thick precum for quite some time now.  Big John felt a stirring in his own shorts as he said, “Sorry Dave, but he has got you there.  That was the agreement.”

Jay laughed as he released the nuts, grabbed his two hands together, and delivered a powerful double-handed shot into the bruised, swollen nuts, starting between his own legs and swinging up into his opponent’s crotch.  Dave felt his bull balls being driven into his pubic bone, and then felt them flattening out before rebounding.  He nearly passed out from the force of the blow.

“One or two more and you are going to have to change you name to Daphne,” cackled Craig into Dave’s ear.

Dave looked pleadingly at Big John, who just smiled back at him.

Jay stepped up to Dave and motioned Big John over.  He grabbed Dave by the back of his hair and pulled his face up.  “Okay, pussy boy, here is the deal.  I am going to keep this up until your balls pop permanently.  And I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.  Nobody pops me in the nuts without paying the ultimate price.”

Dave knew fear now.  He had hoped to teach Craig a lesson tonight, but instead found himself on the receiving end and knew that little mercy was coming.  However, he wanted to save his nuts and so began to beg and plead with Jay not to finish off his nuts.

Finally, Jay smiled and said, “Okay pussy boy, we will make you a deal.  Here are the rules.  #1 we extended the no quit time for another 30 minutes.”  At this Dave groaned with dread, knowing he wasn’t going to like what happened next.

“#2, during that time, both Craig and I agree not to attack your cock and balls.  All other holds are legal. 

And finally, #3—you agree to do anything that Craig or I tell you—no limits, nothing illegal, nothing held back.”

Even in his tormented state, Dave knew that he was asking for serious trouble if he agreed, however at this point all he could think about was his saving his brutalized balls.  “Okay, yeah, yeah.  But once the time is out, the match is immediately over.”

Big John reached in, grabbed Dave’s huge balls, and applying pressure said, “Okay, but if you don’t abide by these rules, I’m going to give Craig and Jay here 15 minutes to finish off your nuts.”  He was beyond being a “fair” ref, and just wanted to give Craig and Jay the most freedom he could.  His cock had begun to expand and harden as Jay explained their request.

“Okay, man, okay,” Dave grasped.  Big John released the huge, hot nuts and stood back.  Craig released the full nelson and Dave fell to the mat.  Craig and Jay wasted no time in starting the big man’s final destruction/ humiliation.

“Okay, pussy.  Get up on your knees, face on the mat, and then take your hands and spread your ass cheeks wide apart to show all the fans that pussy you have hidden back there,” Jay demanded.

When Dave was a little slow to respond, Big John was by his side to remind him of the consequences of refusing, mostly by delivering a powerful blow from his awesome 26-inch arms into Dave’s huge, screaming nuts.  Dave then did as he told.  The shouts of laughter and derision from the crowd was overwhelming.  The flash of flashbulbs was nearly blinding.  Jay walked to Dave’s head and put his boot next to the mouth.  “Start licking you boot slave.”

With only a slight hesitation, Dave began to lick the boot.

Big John reached down to readjust his cock, which was rapidly growing to its full 11-inch length.  He was very surprised to find that he was actually enjoying this.  Craig noted this too and filed the information away in the back of his mind.  He and Jay now had a new ally for future mischief in the ring.

Craig walked over the action and looked down, “Okay pussy boy, get up.”  Dave slowly got to his feet.  The pain in his lower abdomen and balls was still limiting his action.

Craig raised his right arm above his head and a powerful odor emanated from his pit.  “Whew, that stinks.  Why don’t you get your tongue in there and clean it out for me?”

Dave looked horrified and started to refuse when Big John stepped up and said in a very menacing voice, “15 minutes alone with those big nuts if you refuse, pussy boy.”  When Dave heard Big John using that term to describe him, he knew that he wasn’t getting any break from the ref.  Therefore, he began licking the pit.  The crowd went crazy.  Any fans that were still rooting for Dave stopped at that point.  Dave’s destruction was nearly over.

Jay jumped out of the ring and went to one of the metal barriers near the front row.  Since the construction of the cage had required the first row to be inside the cage the crowd barriers were also there.  He drug one of the barriers to the ring edge and placed it sticking out at a right angle and then crawled back into the ring.  Dave was now working on Craig’ second armpit.  Craig was quickly replaced by Jay.

Time was now beginning to run short, so the diabolical duo decided the time had come for the coup de grace.  “Okay, pussy boy, here is your next order of business.  You will get down on your knees and then kiss my cock and balls through my trunks and then do the same to Jay there.  After that you will crawl out on the ring apron over there,” pointing to the side where the barricaded had been placed, “stand up, raise your hands over your head like a victory pose, and then jump off the ring apron straddling the barricade.”

Dave could not believe this.  They were asking him to purposely pound his own nuts on the barricade.  He was so concerned about that aspect of the command that he overlooked the first part.

“Hey, the deal was my nuts were off limits,” he pleaded.

Big John replied, “No, pussy boy, the deal was that Jay and Craig would leave your nuts alone.  There was nothing about you not abusing your own nuts.  Now there isn’t a lot of time left here, but if you don’t do as your told, they get 15 minutes alone with you, and I’m sure after that you won’t have to worry about your nuts at all.”

Seeing the smirk in Big John’s eyes and lips, Dave knew that the alternative was worse.  He dropped to his knees in front of Jay and kissed both the cock and the balls.  He then turned to Craig who started backing up, making Dave shuffle on his knees to reach him.  To the crowd and the video cameras it looked like he was chasing after the cock and balls.  Finally resting against the ropes, Craig allowed Dave to “catch up” and put a comic horrified look on his face as Dave proceeded to kiss his cock and balls through his trunks.

“Bet you like that pussy boy.  Too bad we can’t give you the real thing, at least not here.”

Dave then walked to the ring apron and assumed the “victory” pose.  For the fans this clearly demonstrated his swollen ball sac, throbbing 12-inch monster cock, and stretched out musculature.  It also cemented their newfound hatred for him.  No true ‘man’ would have allowed himself to get in this position.  Taking a deep breath, Dave jumped from the ring with each leg along one side of the barricade and landed with his nut sac square on the bar, all 285 pounds of his muscular bulk slamming his battered balls into the unforgiving metal bar. 

The recoil was awesome.  Dave threw back his handsome head in absolute agony, bellowing in horrific pain.  At the same moment, his pulsing cock hit orgasm, and gigantic wads of white-hot cum began to rocket out of the pulsating penis.  The crowd could not believe the awesome sight, as bucketfuls of man cream jetted out into the audience.  The orgasm lasted for over a minute, spilling out over a quart of thick stud juice, and at the end of it Dave finally collapsed.  Though his balls felt like they had been reduced to a pulpy mass of useless ball flesh, the huge twin gonads had survived and would soon recover, though in the meantime they would cause Dave tremendous pain.  Mentally, however, it would take much longer to recover.  That is if he was allowed to recover.

In the ring, Big John raised Craig’ hand as the winner of the match and obviously ending the feud between Dave and Craig.  The three of -- them, Big John, Craig, and Jay -- then exited the ring.  Big John stopped to help Dave to his feet and assist him back to the dressing room--still playing the impartial and caring ref.  To show that “hey there are no hard feelings and it is just a match”, Craig took the other arm, and they walked/drug Dave back toward the locker rooms.  Of course, they walked down one side of the aisle so that the fans could reach out and touch, punch, pinch, and fondle Dave.  Many hands reached out for Dave’s big bruised nuts, grabbing and squeezing them and punching them with clenched fists. 

Once back in the locker room, the fun really began with Craig, Jay and Big John using ‘the pussy boy’ in any way possible.  Seeing the obvious excitement in his eyes and cock, Jay and Craig allowed Big John the honor of “taking the pussy boy’s cherry.”      It was done with extreme delight by Big John and with extreme displeasure to Dave.  Big John was so caught up in the action that he did not notice Jay videotaping the event, in case they needed something to keep Big John in line with in the future.  But they didn’t have to worry.  Big John had become convinced by his cock and balls of the joys of illegal activity.  The head ref was now firmly on the side of the rule breakers.  As a matter of fact, he was anxiously awaiting the tag team championship match next week when the champions, identical blond gods Tim and Jim, put their titles on the line against the Outlaws.  Unknown to Tim and Jim, tonight’s match had already determined the outcome of that match.

As for Dave, the next time he was seen in public it was as the ‘valet’ to Jay and Craig, his new, permanent, and highly humiliating position in life

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Upcoming Posts

I will be adding a story every day for the next seven days.  All of these stories are from my previous web site.  I will be publishing a NEW STORY sometimes next week.  With the publication of these stories, I will introduce two authors I haven't published yet -- The Defenseman and Lifeguard.  One of the stories being published was by request. Each story will publish daily at 5:00 am CDT.

I am surprised and delighted at getting comments from individuals who read my previous site.  Several have requested old stories and I have published those.  If you have old stories you would like to see, just let me know.  It may take a little time, but I will get them posted.  I was amazed at how many stories I truly did have on my website.

It is taking some time to get stories ready to publish.  Several years ago, I suffered a major computer crash and lost all the stories I had on the computer.  I did have my own in written form, but that would mean having to retype them.  I did find some of my stories on other sites and was able to get them from there but not all.  Many stories by other authors were lost (or so I thought).  Recently I stumbled across a site that had "archived" all the GeoCities sites before they were taken down.  By using some knowledge of website addresses, I was able to retrieve all the stories.  I have just need to reformat them, but that task is done as well --yeah.

To any NEW AUTHORS who may be interested in publishing some stories.  Just email and we can discuss.  I retain the right to chose to publish or not.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

New Posts

Okay, I have published four stories today.  Two Mangler and two Gym Dudes by request.  These are all previous stories.  Hope you enjoy.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance:

If it ain't broke - break it

by Gym Dude

It all started with the stove in my apartment. One of the elements in the oven has this intermittent problem, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  It's just enough to be a pain in the ass so I finally called the manager and had them send Chad over. Chad is the maintenance man for the complex and an interesting guy. He's about 5'10" or so and around 180 pounds. At 22 he is fairly young but seems to know his stuff and does pretty good work. He's kind of aloof and it seems to me he's got an attitude.  Some people say I do too and maybe that's why the two of us never really hit it off.   

Routine Maintenance II

Routine Maintenance II


Gym Dude

I HATE my kitchen!

I was never really fond of the kitchen, but since our maintenance man physically trashed me, TWICE, I can't go near the damn room without remembering every painful moment.

Redneck Arena History

The Redneck Arena has become a popular venue for many of my stories.  This is very surprising as it was initially created for only one story (Bodybuilder’s Destruction), but then took on a life of its own.  So here is the “official” version of the history of the redneck area.

History of the Redneck Arena


The Mangler

The Redneck Arena.  Of course, that wasn't the official name of the place but no one remembered what that was.  The Redneck Arena was used by an 'underground' wrestling circuit where the action could be, and often was, rougher and more brutal than what was normally allowed. 

Bodybuilder's Destruction

Bodybuilder's Destruction

By The Mangler

Todd pulled Chris from the mat, lifted him above his head and delivered a power slam to the mat. Rolling Chris up into a small package, Todd watched and listened as the referee counted "one, two, three." As the crowd cheered their approval, Brett, the referee, lifted Todd's arm to signify him as the winner of the match.