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Monday, August 8, 2022

Jekyll Island Fights: The Consequences

 [no wrestling in this one, but consequences from the last fight and the setup for the next one.]

Jekyll Island Fights:

The Consequences


The Mangler

Jerry was splayed out on the bed.  His wrists were cuffed to the headboard, his feet to the footboard, and he had a blindfold on..  He was completely naked.  As Stewart walked out of the bathroom, Jerry said “Didn’t know you were into such kinky stuff Stewie baby.”

“Oh, this is special just for you.”  With that he sprayed shaving cream over the chest, abs and pubs of his tied-up best friend.  As he spread the cream around he said, “Besides, you lost the bet and now is the time to pay the piper, or in this case the razor.”  He then brandished an old-fashioned disposable razor he had purchased last night.”

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Jekyll Island Fights: The Beginning

[Well, I finally managed to get back into the groove and finish another story.  Hopefully this is the start of a series, but probably not as frequently as before.  Let me know what you think.] 

Jekyll Island Fights:

The Beginning


The Mangler

Jekyll Island, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, is limited by state law in the number of acres that can be developed.  Therefore, it not as developed or as busy as other beach locations.  Because of this, it is not high on the list of college spring break vacations as there are not enough bars and night activities.  The beaches are mostly open and undeveloped.   Many families do go there for the smaller crowds and slightly more relaxed atmosphere.

However, some college people do stay there for the quiet relaxing atmosphere and travel over to St. Simons for the more raucous aspects of spring break.  Jerry and Stewart were two such college students and were staying at Jerry’s parents’ condo at the beach.  It was an ocean front condo in the section known as The Cottages and since Jerry’s parents owned it, staying there was free. 

The beach was actually one long continuous beach that was 10 miles long but was known by various names at different locations.  The condo was located on the northern end of the island and as such, the beach was very dependent on the tide schedule.  At high tide, there was no beach and at low tide a fairly large beach.  Fortunately, at the middle and southern ends of the island there was always beach available.  So, beach activity at the condo wasn’t continuous and had to be well timed.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Event Two: Match # 4


Event 2 Match 4:

Break Match: Ty vs. "Dozer"

After about ten minutes in which the crowd moved around, hitting up bathrooms and stepping out for cigarettes, George called a very unready Ty back to the ring.

"Our next match is a submission-break match. This means that if either man submits, the match does not end, but goes on, after a two-minute break, until a pin or some other form of elimination happens. The underdog in this match, at 145 pounds, TY!" The crowd went nuts for Ty as he came back to the ring in his black and gold singlet, though he winced with almost every serious breath.

"And his opponent, a powerful man at 326 pounds, DOZER!" Dozer came to the ring in black trunks, his bare chest and broad shoulders looking huge as he stepped over the ropes and prepared to square off with Ty. After the bell rang, as they circled, the big man said, "I hear you're tough, you can take a lot."

Monday, April 11, 2022

Event 2: Match # 3


Event 2 Match 3:

Dane vs. "Dirty" Harry and "BAM" Whitman

Interlude: "Dirty" and BAM before their match (MS and Lineman)

In the Cruiserweight/Heavyweight locker room, Harry and BAM were getting pumped for their match against Dane, who had already gone out to be ready for his entrance.

Monday, March 28, 2022

JWSA Event 2, Intro Match 1 & 2

JSWA Night # 2

Night # 2  Introduction

  After enduring all he had at JSWA's opening night, Ty walked back to his dorm with just under three hundred dollars in his pocket - almost enough to fully cover the books he needed. Jimmy hadn't made out quite as well, but what he'd made would help. Still, as they drove with Eric back to campus that night, Jimmy wouldn't shut up about his arm. Ty knew Jimmy wouldn't be back to JSWA in two weeks. So, he resolved to find someone else to join him. In this, he would have little trouble.

Monday, February 21, 2022

JSWA Match 7

 [This is the last match in the night one series of JSWA.  While I am not completely certain, I think these were written by a Bruce Major.

There are 3 more "events" each with several matches.  Let me know if you are interested in me publishing the other events.]

Night one Match 7

Gauntlet: Ty and Jimmy vs. "Gorgeous" George and "Lenny"


When Eric looked at Jimmy's excruciatingly painful arm after his match against Biff and LJ, he knew that the shoulder they hit at the end of the match was dislocated. "I can pop it back in, but it'll hurt like hell - you shouldn't wrestle again tonight."

Saturday, December 25, 2021

The Ref's Revenge: The Manglerized Edition


[Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.  I have given you a Christmas day gift.  This is NOT one of my original stories, but is a revision of an old story I had found on the net.  I posted the original version recently and this is the Manglerized version.]

The Ref’s Revenge: Manglerized Edition

Author Unknown &

Updated by The Mangler

The three-man tag team contest had caused quite a stir in wrestling circles. Obviously due to the extreme brutality, it disappeared from the main stream, but a network of competitions soon started to flourish, all held behind glass to prevent audience participation.

It was six months after the Mavericks had taken on the Predators in the unique three versus three contests, which ended with an eighteen-year-old kid, beaten, sexually abused, humiliated and destroyed. Bret, the Maverick team leader received a challenge from the kid to a one on one, no holds barred, no submissions, but a pin fall or knockout to decide the winner.  The referee would be outside the ring only to count a pinfall or to confirm a knockout.