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Mangler's Wrestling Stories

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Choirboy and the Ref leave the cage with Tim hanging in the ropes. 

Another excellent picture from Marcus at 


Saturday, June 1, 2024

Frederik/Ronnie vs Ash/Kayden


[This story takes place after The Gould Brothers Take Charge.]

[Previous story  Frederik vs Ash, and The Rerun:  Frederik vs Ash II.]


Frederik /Ronnie vs Ash/Kayden


The Mangler

Once again, the Wrestler’s Gym was going to be the sight of a grudge match between two refs and two wrestlers from the UWA, with each team composed of a ref and a wrestler.  The events leading up to this match initially involved a dispute between two refs of the UWA.  The refs had taken their dispute resolution private, i.e., outside the purview of the UWA, by having a match at the local gym with a small audience.  Unfortunately, the first match had not resolved the issue, so a second private match occurred, which also drew two of the UWA wrestlers into the dispute, thus leading to tonight's match.  Once again, the participants had elected to have the match outside the control of the UWA.  The UWA had tried to dissuade the match from happening or at least have it within the UWA, but the fighters wanted more leeway than they could get with the UWA. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Blog Header


I have changed the blog photo to the above rendering made by Marcus at  You should check out his website to see his excellent visual-based stories.

He contacted me about doing artwork for the site, and I asked him to do the above. It is one of my absolute favorite situations in my stories. 

Anyone know who the two wrestler's depicted are??  Answers in the Comments section.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Noah vs Liam


[Alright, degenerates, this is another "prequel" match.  It occurred before Marshall's  Revenge.  Enjoy.]

Noah vs Liam



As Liam was sitting in the dressing room getting ready for his next bout, his opponent, Noah, was across the way, also getting ready.  Noah looked a little nervous as he was relatively new to the league, and Liam was only his third bout and, by far, the biggest name he had faced.  If Noah could read Liam’s mind, he would be much more nervous.

Last night, while out drinking with some of his non-wrestling friends, Liam had been approached by Gus, who worked backstage at UWA, with some disturbing news.  It seems that during the Marshall vs. Midnight match, Noah had seen the Heel Faction interfering at the end of the match but had not only declined to get involved but also informed other wrestlers that there was nothing illicit going on the match, precluding those other wrestlers from possible assisting.  Reluctant to believe it initially, another employee confirmed Gus's observations.

Monday, April 1, 2024

The Campground 2: Choirboy vs Spike


Payback At The Campground:

Choirboy vs Spike


The Mangler

Previously at the Campground

As Choirboy stalked past cabin seven, he stopped, turned to Spike, and demanded, menacingly, “Stakes wrestling match, you versus me.  Loser is winner's no-limits slave for 24 hours."

“I get to choose the ref, and standard wrestling rules apply,”  Spike responded.

“Campground rules apply,” Choirboy countered.  “And disqualification is a loss.”

"Agreed," Spike said.  Campground rules were standard wrestling rules but were more relaxed with outside interference, not necessarily leading to disqualification depending on agreed-upon rules, who the ref was, etc.  That is why Spike knew it was important to choose the ref.

Spike knew that Choirboy was looking for some payback for his humiliation and knew the limits to which Choirboy could go.  But he didn’t often back down from a challenge and knew when he demanded the price for admission that someone would most likely be looking for retribution.  However, he didn’t plan on losing, so it was not a big deal.

Friday, March 1, 2024

The Rerun: Frederik vs Ash II


[This story takes place after The Gould Brothers Take Control.]

[Previous story  Frederik vs Ash.]



The Rerun:

Frederik vs Ash II


The Mangler

Once again, the wrestling ring at the local gym was drawing a small crowd.  Many of the observers were from the local wrestling league, where both combatants were referees: one current and one former.  Others were friends of the two combatants.  Tonight’s match was a replay of a previous match between the two.  Except tonight’s match would involve both boxing and wrestling, with either discipline being used whenever the wrestlers wanted it.

To say there was no love lost between these two was an understatement.  Frederik was an arrogant ass who thought he knew everything about anything but especially boxing and wrestling, while Ash was truly well versed in both disciplines.  Many had felt Ash to be a by-the-book type of athlete until they saw his actions at the first match between these two.  However, they had seen no further indication of any heel activity in his reffing until the match between the Gould Brothers and the Heel Faction in the UWA, where his reffing seemed not up to his usual standards.  However, in Ash's wrestling league, his reffing was still even and fair.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Blog Anniversary


Blog Anniversary

Well, today is the blog's 4 year anniversary!  During that time, I have written a multitude of new stories, plus posted all my old stories and those from some other authors.  I hope you have enjoyed them.

Asking for a little feedback.  What characters would you like to see, and in what type of matches.  Can't promise I will write them, but it will help give me some new ideas.  Or some plot ideas not involving specific characters.  Or maybe a new character you would like me to create.

Also, let me know what other wrestling fiction sites you enjoy.  Maybe I'll find a new one. 

I have gone back and revised a few of my older posts.  Nothing major, just correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, etc.  I find it amazing when I go back, how many errors I find. 😱